July 10, 2017

Sunday’s Top Ten: There’s More To Your Story

I loved hearing from our Executive Director of Creative Arts, Caleb Landon, yesterday! Here are a few of my favorite quotes from his talk:

1. Your story is not done yet.
2. Faith is not getting from God what I want; it’s accepting from God what He gives.
3. We can’t force our way into the future God has for us.
4. I can’t do anything about the outcome but I can do everything about my obedience.
5. Faith doesn’t take the weight off of my life but it shows me how to handle it.
6. Don’t let the pain of your past rob you of facing your future.
7. God’s Plan Is Far Greater Than Our Own.
8. God Provides And Blesses Those Who Trust And Obey Him, No Matter What The Circumstance.
9. We Are Not Defined By What Happens To Us; We Are Defined By What God Is Doing Through Us.
10. God doesn’t need us but He wants us.

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