June 5, 2017

Sunday’s Top Ten: The Ultimate Guide To The Ultimate Road Trip

1. If you’re trying to find something that brings your life more meaning, or more purpose, or more satisfaction, or more joy, or more peace, or more fruit, how do you get there?
2. …a whole crowd of people in heaven who lived a better story and their story tells us our story can be different.
3. We’ve got a lane marked out for us and we are to run the race, we are to stay in our lane and keep running until the finish line.
4. Jesus is seated, which tells me that there’s nothing in your life, or in mine, or in this world that He cannot handle.
5. They got through it, Jesus got through it, and you can get through it. 
6. Keep Your Junk In The Trunk.
7. Most of us don’t move into our future because we are stuck in our past.
8. Any time the Devil brings up something from your past, he’s trying to distract you from something in your future.
9. Fix Your Focus In Front.
10. The Bible says what you look to is the pioneer and perfecter of our faith, Jesus Christ, that’s where you look.

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