March 20, 2017

Sunday’s Top Ten: Something Is Missing

1. We’ve worked so hard for 14 years to change the way people think about church, what if we’ve screwed it up?
2. So the good news: this is Jesus’ church that Jesus is building which means that Jesus is in charge and so we can’t screw it up because it’s His in the first place!
3. You can’t mess up the style but you can mess up the mission and so as a church, a body of believers gathered together called Waters Edge, we must always be on guard that we never mess with the mission.
4. Be Jesus to the world today and if you get that right, the rest won’t matter.
5. Jesus didn’t give us a style guide but He did give us a mission and let me just tell you this, the mission can’t move forward without you.
6. Without You, Something Is Missing!
7. Imagine what we could do if everybody played their part.
8. Without Us, Something Is Missing for you.
9. And if you’re just sitting on the sidelines, watching from the bleachers, you’re missing out on God’s design for your life and you’re causing us to miss out on God’s design for the church.
10. Without You As Part Of Us, The Mission Is Missing Something.

Which next step do you need to take?

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  1. Shirlee Daly says:

    Attended WEC today for the first time. Your message was very needed. As someone who has struggled with the concept of God, today was the first time I sat in a church and didn’t feel like I was being judged by others for trying to figure it out.
    Thank you

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