February 6, 2017

Sunday’s Top Ten: Pray Together

1. The next four weeks is going to be the best marriage counseling you’ve ever received.
2. I am determined to make you laugh, to make you cry, and to make you blush!
3. I really believe this: the four experiments that we’re going to do together over these next four weeks are going to increase your love capacity and take it to a whole ‘notha level!
4. It is what we sow, not what we want, that determines what we get.
5. There is generally a delay in time between what we sow and what we reap.
6. What are you sowing for love?
7. I want you to Sow A Spiritual Seed.
8. What you really want is for them to love Jesus because when they love Jesus, they will know how to love you.
9. This week’s Love Experiment… Pray Once A Day For The Next 5 Days.
Day 1: A Prayer Of Gratitude.
Day 2: A Prayer For The Future.
Day 3: A Prayer For Someone In Your Life.
Day 4: A Prayer For A Specific Need
Day 5: A Prayer For Spiritual Growth.
10. If we will pray, God will heal.

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  1. Sara says:

    I’m so excited about this series! ❤️

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