January 23, 2017

Sunday’s Top Ten: Powerful Name

1. I really believe this, if you have honored God with prayer and fasting, He’s going to honor you this year.
2. My assignment today is to tell you that if you could see all that God wants to do in your life in 2017, if you could see all that God wants to do for you, all that God wants to give to you, all that God wants to accomplish through you, you would have to step back and say, it’s too good to be true.
3. If you’re looking to the people in your life, if you’re looking to the circumstances of your life, if you’re looking to your job, if you’re looking to your friends… with expectations that they’re going to give you what you truly need in this life, I need to tell you you’re always going to come up disappointed.
4. If you’ll spend your life looking to something or someone else to meet the need that only Jesus can meet you’ll never truly be satisfied.
5. I wonder how many of us greatly underestimate what God really wants to give to us.
6. If you want to be a person who finds your flow in 2017, you’ll stop looking around you and you’ll start looking above you.
7. I would love today to blow your faith up so big that you stop asking God for the bare minimum and you start asking Him for the big miracle.
8. If you have a need He can meet it and you can boldly ask Him to.
9. Faith is believing God enough to know that even when He doesn’t do what you want Him to do, it’s still a miracle.
10. If you know Jesus, and you claim the name of Jesus, then the power of that name is on the inside of you – that’s how you find your flow, through the name of Jesus.

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