February 20, 2017

Sunday’s Top Ten: PG-11

1. I love you enough to be bold enough to say some uncomfortable things to you because I know what our kids are learning in the schoolhouse so let’s make sure that they’re learning God’s way up in the church house!
2. God Created Sex.
3. Intimacy = To Know And Be Known COMPLETELY.
4. God created sex and He created it so you could know completely and be known completely by one other person.
5. Intimacy later is worth whatever costs you have to pay today.
6. It’s more than physical and it’s designed for intimacy and when you ignore God’s plan for sex you can’t enjoy God’s purpose for it.
7. I want you to know today that you are in a place that does not judge, that does not point fingers, that does not look down our noses, but that loves you, and accepts you, and believes in you, and wants God’s best for you!
8. Pursue Intimacy.
9. If you’re single, this is your homework, this is your Love Experiment #3: Decide What Honoring God With Your Body Looks Like. And if you’re marriedMake Sure That Sex Is Not Just Physical.
10. God’s ultimate desire for your life is to know Him and be known by Him completely. As great, as fulfilling, as satisfying as intimacy with one other person here on earth is, nothing compares with the intimacy you can experience with your Heavenly Father.

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