April 3, 2017

Sunday’s Top Ten: Perfect Unity

A big shout out to Mike “Moose” Hancock for preaching yesterday! #mypeople

1. One of the things that Jesus prayed for was unity and He actually prays it for us.
2. A lot of times our expectation is that Jesus should answer our prayers but this is a time where Jesus is expecting us to answer His prayer.
3. The effectiveness of our message is impacted by whether or not we can be unified with each other.
4. We have a common enemy as a church and it’s not people because when they become our focus we wind up missing out on the mission that He has for us.
5. When Jesus prayed this prayer for us to stay focused He did that so that others would know God sent Jesus and that they would know that He loves them as much as He loves His Son.
6. When we don’t have purpose, the trivial things, they become important to us…when we have purpose, the right things become important and we can solve the trivial things again and again.
Four Tiers of Church Unity:
7. Choose to BELONG.
8. Choose to SHARE.
9. Choose to DO MY PART.
10. Choose to BE DEVOTED.

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