March 6, 2017

Sunday’s Top Ten: Nobody Sits Alone

1. You have or you need #mypeople because you were designed by God to have some people and to be a person for some people.
2. You should know that one of our top priorities for a Sunday is that nobody sits alone because God doesn’t want any of us to sit alone, not in His house and not in our lives.
3. We want to be the church where you connect. Where you grow. Where you discover what it really means to follow Jesus and live your life for Him. Where you’re on mission, and making a difference, and becoming all that God wants you to be. We want to be the church where these are your people not just on Sunday, but these are your people for Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday too.
4. We unite around passion, and around purpose, and around mission, vision, and values, and most importantly around the person of Jesus Christ.
5. We is always greater than me!
6. You need the people on your row and sitting in front of you and behind you because God has placed us here as the body of Christ called Waters Edge Church and we must be the church together.
7. Three reasons that nobody sits alone. #1, nobody sits alone because: Alone, You Will Quit…But Together, You Will Overcome.
8. #2, because Alone, Your Perspective Is Flawed…But Together, Your Perspective Is Complete.
9. #3. Nobody sits alone because Alone, You’re A Target For The Enemy…But Together, You Will Defeat The Enemy!
10. There is a level of living and a level of your faith that you’ll never reach alone. You need #mypeople.

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