July 31, 2017

Sunday’s Top Ten: Moses, The Story Of An Angry Man

Yesterday, Mike Hancock, our Executive Director of Ministries, finished up our GOAT series strong with Moses, The Story Of An Angry Man. Here are a few of my favorite quotes from his talk:

1. His first 40 years, he spent in Egypt.
2. He knew God’s will, but he didn’t bother to seek God’s timing.
3. His next 40 years, he spent in the desert.
4. The desert is where God likes to speak.
5. God could have delivered all of His people all by himself, but He tends to use people as His instrument, and He often uses the ones that have made mistakes in their past.
6. When we feel like a nobody, we often miss the promises of God, don’t we?
7. The last 40 years, he spent in the wilderness.
8. Trust In God Is Displayed Through Obedience.
9. When you experience failure it often prompts a teachable spirit.
10. God is just looking for someone with ears to hear His voice, and hands to do His work, and a heart that beats the way His beats.

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