July 24, 2017

Sunday’s Top Ten: Jesus

1. You’re part of a movement, part of a mighty army that is going to march into our communities and into our cities and into the lives of people who need us the most this week and we’re going to get our hands dirty and we’re going to do whatever it takes to tangibly show the love of Jesus because today officially kicks off LOVE WEEK 2017!
2. I love Love Week and let me tell you why, because I know with my crazy, busy, self-centered schedule, I need to be pushed every once in a while to do something for someone else. To do something that might make me uncomfortable. To do something that might take away time and energy from things I really like to do or even need to do.
3. Love Week can make you the GOAT!
4. Jesus, the Greatest Of All Time, the true GOAT, says service defines greatness.
5. “Other’s first” defines maturity.
6. This is why one of our values, like one of our defining statements that describes the people of Waters Edge Church, is: It’s Not About Me, It’s About Others!
7. The Discipline Of Serving Others Defines True Greatness.
8. Serving Others Satisfies.
9. I want us to serve our cities and communities and our neighbors in such a way this week that it changes their lives and it changes ours.
10. And I guarantee you something today. If you’ll give us an hour or two and pour into a project this week, you will change a life and you might be surprised to discover that the life you change is actually yours.

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