March 13, 2017

Sunday’s Top Ten: In The Middle Of The Miracle

1. There’s no other way to explain what God has done: four campuses, life change, moments shared… you’re standing in the middle of a miracle.
2. We want to see a miracle, we want to see this mighty movement of God, we want to see this bold answer to prayer, we want to see this wow moment in our lives, but more often than not could it be that we’re right in the middle of it and we just fail to recognize it?
3. And so I just decided as we celebrate our 14th birthday there ain’t no way, no way, I’m going to let you walk away and miss the miracle.
4. You’re in the middle of a miracle because Jesus Is Building It and anything that Jesus builds is a miracle.
5. It’s a miracle because People Far From God Are Coming To It.
6. Jesus wants His house full of those who are far from God and that’s the church we’ve always wanted to be.
7. There is nothing deeper spiritually than being on mission with God and bringing His lost children home.
8. It’s a miracle because God Is Using Us To Do It.
9. There is nothing greater on this earth to invest your time, and your energy, and your resources, and your talents, and your life into than the local church…
10. We think this is the church that He is building, a church that can change your life, change our communities, change your cities, and ultimately can change your world, it’s a miracle!

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  1. Mark says:

    Your on point Stu. It’s my prayer that all those that come to know Christ realize this and start investing more into the local Church. Waters Edge was my saving grace. Love it, loved serving, working and investing in the atmosphere God is creating there. Very grateful!!

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