May 30, 2017

Sunday’s Top Ten: How Do I Know God’s Will?

1. I only want for my life what God wants for my life because what God wants for my life is always the best thing for my life.
2. I’m going to give you a little formula of sorts and if you’ll use this formula, if you’ll go through the process, you can know God’s will.
3. This is not a tough question to answer; it’s a tough question to live.
4. I’m going to give you four questions to ask of every decision, of every opportunity, so that you might know God’s will.
5. Have I Surrendered My Will To God’s Will?
6. What Does The Bible Say?
7. What Do Godly Advisors Say?
8. You need some people who know the Bible, walk with God, are invested in your life, and who have made wise choices themselves.
9. Do I Sense God’s Peace?
10. It’s a better way of living when you live submitted, and according to the Bible, with Godly advisors, and your heart is at peace.

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