May 15, 2017

Sunday’s Top Ten: For Every Mom

Tab shared a powerful message yesterday as we celebrated Mother’s Day!

1. You’ve Got To Fix Your Focus.
2. Our focus should be on Christ when we are in crisis.
3. When Jesus is our focus, everything is not going to be perfect, but what we will have is His perspective and His wisdom in the battle and that’s what gets you through.
4. The Battle Is Not Yours.
5. We fight battles all the time that aren’t ours, don’t we?
6. If you have fixed your focus on Him, then you’ve done your part, that’s your part, and now you have to let God do the rest.
7. Find Your Fight Song.
8. Praise will put your problems in perspective.
9. Rest!
10. Rest realizing that He loves you and has a plan for you and you are His delight and when the world says, “Measure up!” He says that you already do!

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