June 12, 2017

Sunday’s Top Ten: Fill ‘Er Up

1. I’ve never run out of gas on a road trip, but I’ve got to be honest and tell you that there have been plenty of times where I’ve felt like I’m running out of gas in my life.
2. For every person out of gas today, here is the message: don’t give up.
3. The greatest breakthroughs in life come from endurance, persistence, perseverance, and determination.
4. On the one hand, these verses address those who are starting to blend in too much and on the other hand, it addresses Christians who were saying this is just too hard to follow Jesus and so we’re gonna give up on Jesus.
5. The ability to persevere, the ability to endure, is really what leads to lasting greatness.
6. Continuing even when everything within you wants to slow down or give up is what defines true spiritual maturity.
7. # 1. Perseverance Is Built Under Pressure.
8. God told me to tell you to stay under construction because God is completing something in you. And the construction phase ain’t easy but the finished product is going to be amazing in your life!
9. # 2. Perseverance Is Built On A Person.
10. Look away from everything else in this world, look away from every other circumstance in the world, look away from every other hardship in the world, and focus on Jesus, that’s how you persevere.

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