March 27, 2017

Sunday’s Top Ten: Everybody Needs A Group

1. My goal today is everybody without a group gets one.
2. Groups are where you Connect, Care, and Grow.
3. You need a Group to Connect.
4. You need to be connected…because that’s how God designed you and that’s how God designed the church.
5. You need some people to help you see your life differently, to help you see Jesus differently, to help you see the Scriptures differently, to help you see the world differently.
6. Groups are where you Care.
7. Groups are our system for care.
8. Groups are where you Grow.
9. I just don’t believe there is any better way to help you grow spiritually than a group.
10. And I know maybe you didn’t know you need it, and I know you probably don’t want it, and I know most of you don’t have time for it, but as one who keeps watch over your soul, I want you to have it because you need #mypeople to connect, care, and grow.

2 Responses

  1. Lisa says:

    Thanks for the reminder. I NEED A GROUP! I’m one of those people you talked about. I’m new in town (a year now) and don’t have anyone other than my son & his family. The loneliness is often overwhelming. I need friends, I need support, I need a good group. I miss my old group in GA- some of the best folks I’ve ever met. I look forward to getting connected!

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