July 3, 2017

Sunday’s Top Ten: Celebrate Freedom!

1. We just think Jesus is too good to keep to ourselves, so make sure you’re inviting for next weekend.
2. I also just want to make sure you know that WEC Love Week is coming soon (July 24-29) everybody!
3. God wired you for freedom.
4. Freedom Comes With Responsibility.
5. I just want to say to you today be careful that you never let the responsibilities of following Jesus steal the joy, steal the thrill, steal the excitement and wonder and awe of the freedom we find in Jesus.
6. Celebrate Your Freedom!
7. Please never let the responsibility of your freedom overshadow the joy of it.
8. The responsibilities of your faith are the privileges that accompany the freedoms of your faith and if you would celebrate the freedoms of your faith you would embrace the responsibilities of it.
9. When you celebrate the price paid for your freedom, you’re much more likely to embrace the responsibility of your freedom.
10. We have freedom and we should celebrate it with our worship and with our life.

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