June 19, 2017

Sunday’s Top Ten: A Man’s Message

1. We’re all on a road trip… I want to help you get where God wants you to go, God’s way.
2. Don’t Be So Destination-Minded That You Miss The Journey.
3. I’ve found that what God wants to do in you and through you on the journey is far more important than where God wants to take you in the end.
4. So I know you want to get to the next stage of your life, but you would be wise to slow down and enjoy the stage you are in right now.
5. Don’t Become So Consumed By Your Blessing That You Miss The Purpose Of The Blessing.
6. You are blessed to be a blessing.
7. The more of a blessing you become, the more blessed you will be.
8. She even taught [her student group girls] this little saying that they taught me that night: Modest is hottest.
9. Don’t Let Living Cause You To Miss The Point Of Life.
10. You are on the earth so that you might live your life to know Jesus and then leverage your life to help others know Him. That’s the purpose of life!

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