October 3, 2016

Sunday’s Top Ten: The Best Sunday Ever


1. Have you ever felt like an outsider?
2. God wants you to move from being outside of Jesus Christ to being what the Bible calls, in Christ.
3. Are you in Christ or are you out?
4. Maybe some of your regrets have come as a result of being separated from Jesus.
5. And these four words according to the Bible describe life on the outside: deadseparate, foreigner, and hopeless.
6. This is The Best Sunday Ever because there’s more to the story.
7. I cannot overemphasize that phrase enough today: God loves you.
8. On the outside you’re dead but on the inside you’re alive.
On the outside you’re separate but on the inside you’re together.
On the outside you’re a foreigner but on the inside you’re a citizen.
On the outside you’re hopeless but on the inside you have hope.
9. If you are [in Christ], then this is The Best Sunday Ever because I just reminded you that you are alive, and together, and a citizen, that you are filled with hope, and that you have Jesus!
10. If you’re outside the square let me tell you the only thing it takes to move from an outsider to an insider and that is to place your faith and trust in Jesus Christ today.

September 26, 2016

Sunday’s Top Ten: If You Just Invite

1. Today I want to teach you this, Anything’s Possible If You’ll Just Invite.
2. The impossible becomes possible when you invite them to church!
3. In church, you encounter the love of God and come face to face with His forgiveness and plan for your life.
4. It is human nature, when you experience something that you love, something that changes you, to want to share that experience with others.
5. The moment someone gets into a relationship with Jesus Christ, the moment they place their faith and their trust in Him, the doors of limitation blow off their lives and anything becomes possible!
6. I’m not looking to Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump to bring change, I’m looking to the church of Jesus Christ to bring change and the way we do it is when we invite!
7. I’m telling you, you can change the Peninsula with an invitation!
8. What we’ve experienced has to be shared with others because it’s not just for us…It’s for us and for our kids and for everybody else who is still far off from God.
9. And they were released from prison and they joined the others continuing to spread the message of Jesus and you’re here today and I’m here today because 130 people refused to believe that it was impossible! They shared, they invited, they changed the world because Anything’s Possible!
10. When you invite somebody, your invitation unlocks the possibility in their life.

September 19, 2016

Sunday’s Top Ten: If You Just Obey


1. God always has a plan.
2. Sometimes you have to step out in obedience before God steps in with the miracle.
3. You better work like it depends on you, and pray like it depends on God!
4. Don’t expect God to do for you what He has already told you to do for you!
5. You can get to the other side if you just do what He tells you to do.
6. I think God wants to say to you today, if you obey me, then anything’s possible!
7. Partial obedience is disobedience.
8. Disobedience never takes you to where you want to go.
9. You need to know that anything’s possible if you just obey and nothing’s possible if you disobey!
10. God and His grace and God and His faithfulness is greater than you and your obedience and is greater than you and your disobedience.

September 12, 2016

Sunday’s Top Ten: If You Just Believe


1. What am I believing for?
2. God’s will trumps our will every single time.
3. Does what you’re believing for make you more like Jesus?
4. Has what you’re believing in been confirmed by spiritual authority in your life?
5. Does what I’m believing in focus on me or focus on others?
6. Your dream is dependent on God’s timing and God’s timing is always right on time.
7. Who am I believing in?
8. Don’t tie your faith to probability and don’t even tie your faith to possibility, tie your faith to Jesus and the sky is the limit because truly anything is possible if you believe in Him!
9. God wants your faith to be bigger in the WHO than the WHAT!
10. It’s good to have faith in big dreams, but make sure your faith is bigger in the one who can bring those big dreams to reality.

September 6, 2016

Sunday’s Top Ten: I’m Confident

Stay-PositiveSo thankful for my distant mentor, Craig Groeschel, for helping us wrap up our Stay Positive series!

1. We don’t need self-confidence.
2. I want to encourage you today to cultivate God confidence.
3. I’m not trying to to be self-confident because, number one, my heart is deceitful above all things.
4. Number two, I am not confident in myself because my flesh is weak.
5. To cultivate a God confidence, we recognize that our God is always for us.
6. I’m not living for His approval. I’m living from His approval. Because of Jesus I am acceptable to God not based on what I do or don’t do but based on what Jesus did.
7. I’m confident because my God always helps me.
8. My God is still working in me.
9. I’m not confident in my own abilities because I’m confident in God that he’s still working in me.
10. Our God who began a good work in you will be faithful to carry it out to completion. Why; because He’s for you, because He’s helping you, and because He’s not finished with you yet. That is a reason to stay confident and be positive.

August 29, 2016

Sunday’s Top Ten: I’m Enthusiastic


1. Stay positive by being enthusiastic.
2. So “en theos” literally means in God or to be filled with God or to be inspired in God – that’s what it means to be enthusiastic.
3. Enthusiasm is a spiritual result of a relationship with God.
5. Understanding and embracing and living out your purpose is how you live a life full of enthusiasm.
6. People lose their enthusiasm when they put their pleasure over their purpose.
7. I can tell you that the more you serve self the more likely you will be to come up empty but the more you serve God the more likely you will be to stay filled up.
9. If you’re lacking enthusiasm, get the passion stirred up in your life and it will come back! Go back and do what you used to do and you’ll be enthusiastic.
10. There are two types of people: those who allow their environment to influence their enthusiasm and those who allow their enthusiasm to influence their environment. Which one are you?

August 22, 2016

Sunday’s Top Ten: I’m Encouraging


1. Being an encourager is one of the most spiritual things you can do.
2. I believe you become a messenger from God Himself, a courier from heaven if you will, a divine deliveryman when you encourage someone else.
3. So every day, the Bible says, we are to encourage one another. It’s not just a special day thing or a birthday thing or a Sunday thing – it’s an every day thing.
4. #1 – Encouragement Takes The Focus Off The Negative And Puts It On The Positive.
5. #2 – Encouragement Takes The Focus Off Of You And Puts It On Someone Else.
6. #3 – Encouragement Opens You Up To Be Encouraged.
7. A little bit can go a long way but here’s the crazy thing about encouragement, a lot is never too much.
8. If you want to be an encouraging person, you’ve got to show up. You’ve got to be present.
9. When you encourage someone with your words, get specific.
10. When you see an opportunity, show up…and when you think of something positive, speak up!

August 15, 2016

Sunday’s Top Ten: I’m Thankful

1. I am overwhelmed today with all that God has done and so it just seemed appropriate that the theme of today should be to stay positive by being thankful!
2. Sometimes I miss the blessing of where I am because I’m looking for the next stop of where I’m going.
3. If you’re going to stay positive by being thankful, you have to be willing to stop along the way.
4. Thankfulness Provides Perspective.
5. Spending time to be thankful for what you have causes you to stop spending time complaining about what you don’t have.
6. Thankfulness Protects From Pride.
7. When you’re thankful, it takes pride away because it forces you to recognize that all that I have and all that I am, it’s all from God!
8. God has a mission on this earth and He’s decided to involve all of us in fulfilling that mission and today I am thankful for that and you should be too.
9. Thankfulness Positions To Possess.
10. Thankfulness is a setup to what God wants to do next in your life.

August 8, 2016

Sunday’s Top Ten: I’m Optimistic


1. Wouldn’t you say that in our world today there seems to be an epidemic of negativity?
2. I want to be the person that rises up to declare, “But we have hope! We have light, we have good news, we have joy, and we have peace because we have Jesus.”
3. God wants you to overflow with hope.
4. If you’re going to stay positive, then you have to be optimistic.
5. It’s a person’s choice, not necessarily their personality or propensity, their choice, to dwell on the most helpful and positive aspects of a given situation.
6. You Will Find What You’re Looking For.
7. We Are Not Optimistic Based On What We Feel, We Are Optimistic Based On What God Says.
8. Optimism, I believe, is the ability in every circumstance or situation to remember what God has said despite how you feel.
9. Speaking Positive Words Leads To Experiencing Optimistic Thoughts.
10. Don’t put your head in the sand, put your hope in God!

August 5, 2016

Ways To AMP Up Your Faith

It’s nearing the end of the lazy days of summer and maybe you’re looking for a great new way to AMP Up your faith! Here are four ways:

1. Attend WEC U this Sunday!
At WEC U, you’ll connect with some awesome people on your campus and learn all about our church and how you grow at Waters Edge!

2. Get baptized on Saturday, August 13th!
We are celebrating baptism as part of our HUGE grand opening party in Yorktown. It’s going to be an awesome, outdoor experience in HUGE pools. Baptism is an important step of obedience that will propel you forward in your relationship with God.

3. Invite a friend this Sunday!
When you get bold with your invites, it AMPS you up! This Sunday, we kick off a brand new series that your friends will love called Stay Positive.

4. Mix Up Your Spiritual Disciplines!
If things are feeling stale or stagnant, try something new and different. How about settling a clock and praying for a full hour? Have you tried journaling? What about a day of fasting and prayer? Even something as simple as changing where you read your Bible can make a real difference.

Don’t let the summer drag you down. This is the perfect time to get AMPED.