February 6, 2017

Sunday’s Top Ten: Pray Together

1. The next four weeks is going to be the best marriage counseling you’ve ever received.
2. I am determined to make you laugh, to make you cry, and to make you blush!
3. I really believe this: the four experiments that we’re going to do together over these next four weeks are going to increase your love capacity and take it to a whole ‘notha level!
4. It is what we sow, not what we want, that determines what we get.
5. There is generally a delay in time between what we sow and what we reap.
6. What are you sowing for love?
7. I want you to Sow A Spiritual Seed.
8. What you really want is for them to love Jesus because when they love Jesus, they will know how to love you.
9. This week’s Love Experiment… Pray Once A Day For The Next 5 Days.
Day 1: A Prayer Of Gratitude.
Day 2: A Prayer For The Future.
Day 3: A Prayer For Someone In Your Life.
Day 4: A Prayer For A Specific Need
Day 5: A Prayer For Spiritual Growth.
10. If we will pray, God will heal.

January 27, 2017

Day 19 of Prayer & Fasting

We are nearing the end of our 21 days of prayer & fasting and as we finish, I wanted to share one of my favorite passages on the power of fasting from Pastor Jentezen Franklin’s book, The Fasting Edge:

“Fasting embraces emptiness & starves haughtiness. It is a form of withdrawing from normal life in the regular world that we live in, emptying ourselves of not just food but anything else that we seek, crave, and require of necessity other than His face…when we fast, we are expressing our heart hunger for Jesus and how serious we are about hearing His voice and following His ways. Fasting positions us to be lifted up to see how He sees, hear what He wants us to hear, and learn the sound of His whisper guiding our steps.”

I hope and pray that these 21 days of withdrawal have fed your spirit and drawn you closer than ever to Jesus. I am believing that 2017 will NOT BE THE SAME because we fasted and prayed and that God is going to honor our fast and do exceedingly, abundantly, immeasurably more! Finish strong – and I will see you on day 21!

January 23, 2017

Sunday’s Top Ten: Powerful Name

1. I really believe this, if you have honored God with prayer and fasting, He’s going to honor you this year.
2. My assignment today is to tell you that if you could see all that God wants to do in your life in 2017, if you could see all that God wants to do for you, all that God wants to give to you, all that God wants to accomplish through you, you would have to step back and say, it’s too good to be true.
3. If you’re looking to the people in your life, if you’re looking to the circumstances of your life, if you’re looking to your job, if you’re looking to your friends… with expectations that they’re going to give you what you truly need in this life, I need to tell you you’re always going to come up disappointed.
4. If you’ll spend your life looking to something or someone else to meet the need that only Jesus can meet you’ll never truly be satisfied.
5. I wonder how many of us greatly underestimate what God really wants to give to us.
6. If you want to be a person who finds your flow in 2017, you’ll stop looking around you and you’ll start looking above you.
7. I would love today to blow your faith up so big that you stop asking God for the bare minimum and you start asking Him for the big miracle.
8. If you have a need He can meet it and you can boldly ask Him to.
9. Faith is believing God enough to know that even when He doesn’t do what you want Him to do, it’s still a miracle.
10. If you know Jesus, and you claim the name of Jesus, then the power of that name is on the inside of you – that’s how you find your flow, through the name of Jesus.

January 10, 2017

5 Tips For Prayer

We are spending 21 days in prayer and fasting. Here are 5 tips to make the most of your prayer time:

1 – Pray Out Loud: Certainly God knows your heart and your thoughts, but your mind is much less likely to drift if you actually speak your prayers to God.

2 – Posture Yourself For Prayer: Kneeling before God in prayer is a way to demonstrate dependency and humility. If you have a difficult time keeping your attention focused, you might walk or pace as you pray.

3 – Play Background Worship Music: The songs we sing to God in worship set a tone and atmosphere for our prayers. The lyrics in these songs can often prompt a specific prayer and help focus your mind and heart.

4 – Declare Scripture As You Pray: You can use God’s own words to form your prayers or to lead you to pray for something specific. For example, our theme verse for these 21 days is Isaiah 41:18 NIV: “I will make rivers flow on barren heights, and springs within the valleys. I will turn the desert into pools of water, and the parched ground into springs.” You can easily turn this into a prayer: “God, I’m believing for You to make the rivers flow in my life, etc.…”

5 – Be Specific: Don’t be generic in your prayers to God. Be bold and specific as you approach Him. Even write down specific prayer requests that you’re praying so that you can see as God answers them specifically for you.

January 9, 2017

Sunday’s Top Ten: Where It Starts

FYF-Header1. Finding your flow…it’s defined as the optimum state of consciousness in which we feel and perform our very best.
2. It’s that state of laser-focused concentration and super-powered creativity that can lead to valuable productivity, innovation, and action.
3. The Flow Begins When You Are Low.
4. That just means if there is something that left you disappointed from 2016…you are in the perfect place today to find your flow.
5. The Flow Comes From Someone Who Is High.
6. You don’t create the flow in your life, you just position yourself for it.
7. I believe God wants us to seek Him from a low place before He sends the blessing into our life from a high place.
8. Fasting Is The Voluntary Denial Of A Normal Function For The Sake Of Intense Spiritual Activity.
9. You’re giving something up which will in turn cause you to have a greater dependence on God.
10. We’re going low because we know He is high and He will lift us up.

Check out our Resources Page ( where you can read more about fasting and find out more about the events we have scheduled for these next 21 days!

January 5, 2017

5 Favorite Fasting Quotes

As you prepare to kick off your 21-day journey to the new you (Jan. 9-29), here are five of my favorite fasting quotes:

1. “Fasting is the voluntary denial of a normal function for the sake of intense spiritual activity.” – Richard Foster

2. “Fasting is the spiritual Drano that unclogs the flow of the living water inside our soul.” – Jentzen Franklin

3. “Fasting is the most powerful spiritual discipline of all the Christian disciplines. Through fasting and prayer, the Holy Spirit can transform your life.” – Dr. Bill Bright

4. “Whatever you feed, gets stronger. Fasting starves your flesh and feeds your spirit.” – Chris Hodges

5. “Fasting embraces emptiness and starves haughtiness. It is a form of withdrawing from normal life in the regular world that we live in, emptying ourselves of not just food but anything else that we seek, crave and require of necessity other than His Face.” – Jentzen Franklin

January 4, 2017


This Sunday, we will begin a 21-day journey together as a church of prayer and fasting. Here are some tips to help you prepare to make the most of this season and truly Find Your Flow:

• Check out our resources page at
• Consider the purpose of your fast. Obviously, we are all fasting as a church to begin the New Year, but is there something specific that you’re asking God to do in your life or the lives of others? Do you have a specific need in your life? Are you searching for direction or wisdom on a specific topic? Is your heart broken over a specific cause or concern? Are you struggling with a specific area of sin? Is there someone you need to pray for specifically during these 21 days?
• Consider your type of fast and what you will give up during these 21 days. Four types of fasts are described at
• Make your plans now! For example, doing the Daniel Fast requires purchasing certain items from the grocery store. Do your best to set yourself up for success.
• Share your plans with someone who will hold you accountable and provide support and encouragement to you.
• Eliminate the temptations as much as possible. For example, if you’re fasting from junk food, get rid of it before your fast begins. If you’re fasting from Social Media, delete your Facebook app before the fast begins.

If you’ll prepare now, I believe that God will bless your fast and honor your efforts! I cannot wait to take this 21-day journey with you.

January 3, 2017

Find Your Flow PREVIEW

FYF square

I cannot wait to kick off this brand New Year with our brand new series, Find Your Flow! We all want 2017 to be a year where we live in the flow, but first you have to find it. That’s what this series is all about as we take a 21-day journey together. To Find Your Flow, I’m challenging you to dedicate 21 days (Jan. 9-29) to prayer and fasting. When you pray and fast, you give up something that brings you physical enjoyment and satisfaction for something that will bring you spiritual enjoyment and satisfaction. Fasting provides a “shock” to your system by eliminating something you love for a spiritual purpose. During these 21 days, you may choose to eliminate meals or a specific type of food, media, or even an activity that you love. And don’t worry, I’ll be here to help you along the journey with loads of encouragement, tools, and resources! Here’s a little of what you can expect:

• Resources and articles at
• Encouraging blog posts here at
• Daily encouragement on Social Media
• Prayer gatherings on your campus throughout the journey
• Prayer gatherings via Facebook Live
• Sunday services that are designed to help you and those you love Find Your Flow.

As you can tell, it’s going to be an incredible start to an incredible 2017! So get ready now to…FIND YOUR FLOW!

January 2, 2017

Sunday’s Top Ten: 2017 NYD WEC OE


1. I am filled with expectation and anticipation and I believe that the way you start something matters.
2. I want to start things right, and here you are, starting off the new year right – giving your first day, giving your best day to God as we begin this brand new year that I believe is going to exceed every dream and every prayer and every hope that you have for it.
3. We’re going to review some of our greatest lessons learned from 2016 by taking a look at a few of the sermons that I believe really defined the year for us.
4. Be a tree by being planted, pruned, and plugged in.
5. One of the greatest ways to stay planted is by connecting in a Group.
6. The gap is the gift.
7. That was in large part what our Heart for The House Initiative was all about: It was all about expecting and believing and anticipating what God might do in 2017 and we’re believing with you – hoping with you – praying with you that this is the year where anything is truly possible in your life.
8. Anything’s possible if you just obey.
9. Is there any area of your life where you’re not obeying God, because if there is, why not make it a New Year’s Day determination, that this year will be a year marked by obedience to God?
10. We’re beginning a brand new series on Sunday called Find Your Flow but I’m most excited about the subtitle: 21 Days To A New You and on this Sunday we will begin a 21-day journey as a church of prayer and fasting that I think is going to change you.

December 23, 2016

Christmas Eve EVE!