April 10, 2017

Sunday’s Top Ten: Come and See

1. It’s Not About Me; It’s About Others.
2. I actually end up being most fulfilled, and most satisfied, and most contented, and most like Jesus when I embrace this value.
3. When you put the needs of someone else ahead of your own needs, God meets your needs.
4. When you empty yourself, God fills you back up.
5. Nothing says it’s not about me, it’s all about others quite like bringing somebody to Jesus ‘cause nothing says I care about you and I want what’s best for you than offering Jesus to you ‘cause Jesus is the most important thing I could ever give to you!
6. “Come and see!” is the easiest, best, and most convincing invitation in the whole wide world.
7. Prioritize Conviction Over Comfort.
8. Prioritize You Over Me.
9. Prioritize Jesus Over Everything Else.
10. Three days later Jesus Christ rose again and He’s alive today and we believe the whole world should know!

April 3, 2017

Sunday’s Top Ten: Perfect Unity

A big shout out to Mike “Moose” Hancock for preaching yesterday! #mypeople

1. One of the things that Jesus prayed for was unity and He actually prays it for us.
2. A lot of times our expectation is that Jesus should answer our prayers but this is a time where Jesus is expecting us to answer His prayer.
3. The effectiveness of our message is impacted by whether or not we can be unified with each other.
4. We have a common enemy as a church and it’s not people because when they become our focus we wind up missing out on the mission that He has for us.
5. When Jesus prayed this prayer for us to stay focused He did that so that others would know God sent Jesus and that they would know that He loves them as much as He loves His Son.
6. When we don’t have purpose, the trivial things, they become important to us…when we have purpose, the right things become important and we can solve the trivial things again and again.
Four Tiers of Church Unity:
7. Choose to BELONG.
8. Choose to SHARE.
9. Choose to DO MY PART.
10. Choose to BE DEVOTED.

March 27, 2017

Sunday’s Top Ten: Everybody Needs A Group

1. My goal today is everybody without a group gets one.
2. Groups are where you Connect, Care, and Grow.
3. You need a Group to Connect.
4. You need to be connected…because that’s how God designed you and that’s how God designed the church.
5. You need some people to help you see your life differently, to help you see Jesus differently, to help you see the Scriptures differently, to help you see the world differently.
6. Groups are where you Care.
7. Groups are our system for care.
8. Groups are where you Grow.
9. I just don’t believe there is any better way to help you grow spiritually than a group.
10. And I know maybe you didn’t know you need it, and I know you probably don’t want it, and I know most of you don’t have time for it, but as one who keeps watch over your soul, I want you to have it because you need #mypeople to connect, care, and grow.

March 20, 2017

Sunday’s Top Ten: Something Is Missing

1. We’ve worked so hard for 14 years to change the way people think about church, what if we’ve screwed it up?
2. So the good news: this is Jesus’ church that Jesus is building which means that Jesus is in charge and so we can’t screw it up because it’s His in the first place!
3. You can’t mess up the style but you can mess up the mission and so as a church, a body of believers gathered together called Waters Edge, we must always be on guard that we never mess with the mission.
4. Be Jesus to the world today and if you get that right, the rest won’t matter.
5. Jesus didn’t give us a style guide but He did give us a mission and let me just tell you this, the mission can’t move forward without you.
6. Without You, Something Is Missing!
7. Imagine what we could do if everybody played their part.
8. Without Us, Something Is Missing for you.
9. And if you’re just sitting on the sidelines, watching from the bleachers, you’re missing out on God’s design for your life and you’re causing us to miss out on God’s design for the church.
10. Without You As Part Of Us, The Mission Is Missing Something.

Which next step do you need to take?

March 13, 2017

Video Update: VISION TOUR!

March 13, 2017

Sunday’s Top Ten: In The Middle Of The Miracle

1. There’s no other way to explain what God has done: four campuses, life change, moments shared… you’re standing in the middle of a miracle.
2. We want to see a miracle, we want to see this mighty movement of God, we want to see this bold answer to prayer, we want to see this wow moment in our lives, but more often than not could it be that we’re right in the middle of it and we just fail to recognize it?
3. And so I just decided as we celebrate our 14th birthday there ain’t no way, no way, I’m going to let you walk away and miss the miracle.
4. You’re in the middle of a miracle because Jesus Is Building It and anything that Jesus builds is a miracle.
5. It’s a miracle because People Far From God Are Coming To It.
6. Jesus wants His house full of those who are far from God and that’s the church we’ve always wanted to be.
7. There is nothing deeper spiritually than being on mission with God and bringing His lost children home.
8. It’s a miracle because God Is Using Us To Do It.
9. There is nothing greater on this earth to invest your time, and your energy, and your resources, and your talents, and your life into than the local church…
10. We think this is the church that He is building, a church that can change your life, change our communities, change your cities, and ultimately can change your world, it’s a miracle!

March 6, 2017

Sunday’s Top Ten: Nobody Sits Alone

1. You have or you need #mypeople because you were designed by God to have some people and to be a person for some people.
2. You should know that one of our top priorities for a Sunday is that nobody sits alone because God doesn’t want any of us to sit alone, not in His house and not in our lives.
3. We want to be the church where you connect. Where you grow. Where you discover what it really means to follow Jesus and live your life for Him. Where you’re on mission, and making a difference, and becoming all that God wants you to be. We want to be the church where these are your people not just on Sunday, but these are your people for Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday too.
4. We unite around passion, and around purpose, and around mission, vision, and values, and most importantly around the person of Jesus Christ.
5. We is always greater than me!
6. You need the people on your row and sitting in front of you and behind you because God has placed us here as the body of Christ called Waters Edge Church and we must be the church together.
7. Three reasons that nobody sits alone. #1, nobody sits alone because: Alone, You Will Quit…But Together, You Will Overcome.
8. #2, because Alone, Your Perspective Is Flawed…But Together, Your Perspective Is Complete.
9. #3. Nobody sits alone because Alone, You’re A Target For The Enemy…But Together, You Will Defeat The Enemy!
10. There is a level of living and a level of your faith that you’ll never reach alone. You need #mypeople.

February 27, 2017

Sunday’s Top Ten: The Grand Finale

1. Two remaining topics of: Communication and Money.
2. Fellas, the most romantic four words that you could ever use, write these down, are the following four: “and then what happened?”
3. All the LADIES, listen to me now. Your #1 communication problem is…you nag!
4. You speak to your man like he’s your knight in shining armor and he might be riding a white horse the next time you see him!
5. MEN, you have a communication problem too and your biggest communication problem is that you’re too harsh.
6. Our communication needs work and our money needs work!
7. Whether you’re married or single, whether you’re young or old, rich or poor, please hear your pastor on this: Most of the stress and strife and conflict and turmoil that you experience financially, you don’t have to!
8. We operate on the Give-Save-Spend Budget.
9. If you can communicate about your money, you can stop fighting about your money.
10. Love Experiment #4 is this: Have A Budget Meeting this week!

You can find the budget spreadsheets at

February 20, 2017

Sunday’s Top Ten: PG-11

1. I love you enough to be bold enough to say some uncomfortable things to you because I know what our kids are learning in the schoolhouse so let’s make sure that they’re learning God’s way up in the church house!
2. God Created Sex.
3. Intimacy = To Know And Be Known COMPLETELY.
4. God created sex and He created it so you could know completely and be known completely by one other person.
5. Intimacy later is worth whatever costs you have to pay today.
6. It’s more than physical and it’s designed for intimacy and when you ignore God’s plan for sex you can’t enjoy God’s purpose for it.
7. I want you to know today that you are in a place that does not judge, that does not point fingers, that does not look down our noses, but that loves you, and accepts you, and believes in you, and wants God’s best for you!
8. Pursue Intimacy.
9. If you’re single, this is your homework, this is your Love Experiment #3: Decide What Honoring God With Your Body Looks Like. And if you’re marriedMake Sure That Sex Is Not Just Physical.
10. God’s ultimate desire for your life is to know Him and be known by Him completely. As great, as fulfilling, as satisfying as intimacy with one other person here on earth is, nothing compares with the intimacy you can experience with your Heavenly Father.

February 13, 2017

Sunday’s Top Ten: Change Your Love

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. I Corinthians 13:4-5 NIV

1. I want to teach you to Change The Way You Love.
2. Love is a fact that your feelings follow.
3. Number 1, You Can Grow Love.
4. This is why when married couples start to look outside their marriage… like the grass is greener on the other side, I always want to just say, “then it’s time to start watering your own yard”!
5. I’m just saying it’s time to change the way you love, even if you don’t feel like it: Grow love.
6. Love fact number 2 is You Can Be Love.
7. Here’s the Love Experiment: At _:13, Be Love!
8. Love fact number 3: You Can Experience Love.
9. The way you love is to experience God’s love, to embrace God’s love, receive God’s love, and it will change the way that you love.
10. When you experience His love you can be love, and when you can be love you can grow love, and that’s how you change the way you love.