November 30, 2015

Sunday’s Quotables

Countdown-HeaderHappy Monday from Katie, Stu’s Assistant. I hope you joined us yesterday as we revealed our Big Announcement and kicked off our Countdown to Christmas! Here are a few of my favorite quotes:

1. We’re calling this the Countdown To Christmas because I have one goal for these next 4 weeks…I want to help you be more ready than ever to celebrate Jesus and make the most of His birthday this Christmas season.
2. An announcement is designed to do two things – to inform and to include!
3. The message of Christmas must be announced.
4. A Savior is here for everybody and this is a message that causes great joy for all people!
5. You see, the angels modeled the way for us to be the announcers!
6. Let me tell you something, you’ll never truly live life on purpose until you discover that part of your purpose is to announce that a Savior has been born for everyone.
7. I believe that every single person God has placed in your path is placed there intentionally, on purpose, and for a purpose.
8. Who in your life needs to be informed and included in some good news that brings great joy?
9. The message that you and I carry to announce at Christmas is that Jesus came for all people, everyone, everywhere.
10. Would You Come To My Church This Christmas?

November 23, 2015

Sunday’s Quotables

TheStruggle-HeaderHappy Monday, from Katie, Stu’s Assistant. If you missed yesterday’s message, watch it now. Here are a few of my favorite quotes from Stu’s talk:

1. Your weakness can make room for God’s presence in your life like you’ve never seen it before.
2. The struggle can actually fuel you.
3. What if the struggle in your life isn’t a setback but it’s a setup?
4. You can look down at the struggle… or you can look up!
5. Your struggle may not end but your perspective can change.
6. When you look down, you focus on the size of your struggle, but when you look up, you focus on the size of your God!
7. If there’s no struggle, it’s probably because you’re not advancing.
8. So instead of focusing on the struggle, they were focusing on their Savior.
9. This is my number one takeaway for thriving in the struggles of this life: Find a way to worship.
10. Some of you are overwhelmed in your struggle when you should overwhelm your struggle in your praise!

November 19, 2015

2 Programs That Every Parent Should Know About!

Today, I’ll wrap up my thoughts on kids and their cell phones with 2 programs that might help parents monitor cell phone activity. Make sure you read my previous posts [Your Kid and Their Cell Phone…Should Parents Spy? and How To Protect Your Kid From Their Cell Phone] so you can fully understand why parents should be actively involved with their child’s cell phone.

I have tried both of these programs with my kids’ phones and have found them to be very helpful. I only suggest using them after a healthy conversation with your kids about your intentions and accountability. It’s important for your kids to know your heart and to understand why you are involved in their cell phone activity.

1.  uKnowkids_logo_2250x550_white is designed to give parents an inside look at their kid’s social network, text messages, phone call history, and shared photos. It’s a pretty fascinating program that integrates your child’s activity from all of their devices into one central platform that parents can review daily to see what’s happening in their child’s life. I found it easy to set up and use; however it relies on a daily backup to the cloud to gather its information. The major downfall in my opinion for this program is that it doesn’t integrate internet or Instagram search history. However, if you want to avoid the hassle of getting your kid’s cell phone and combing through their information, this program might be for you! There’s a free trial version online and as a special offer to 100 of my readers, uKnowKids is giving a 50% discount if you use this link:

2.a2y replaces your current internet search engine and effectively generates a report of any questionable searches that are performed from your device on the internet. This would be beneficial not only for your kids’ cell phones, but also for computers and mobile devices as well. It’s simple to uninstall your current search engine and to install the Accountable2You search engine. It works just as effectively and for a low monthly fee it will send you a daily or weekly report of the search activity and will highlight any questionable sites searched or visited. You can also opt for real-time alerts and can even set time limit alerts that notify you when the app is being used within a specified time range. There’s a free trial version online.

I hope you’ll investigate one or both of these programs to help you as you help your kids with their cell phone!

*This is not an endorsement; it is simply a statement of my experience using both programs.

November 18, 2015

How To Protect Your Kid From Their Cell Phone

I really believe that parents play a role in helping to eliminate unnecessary temptations for their kids. Why set up your child to fight a temptation tomorrow that you can eliminate today? One of the biggest temptations for most kids today is found in their hand…it’s their cell phone. For more on kids and their cell phones, make sure you read this post: Your Kid and Their Cell Phone…Should Parents Spy? Here are some helpful, practical ways that you can protect your kid from their cell phone:

• Set the expectation of accountability. If kids know that their cell phone isn’t private and secret, they’ll think twice before using it for things that are private and secret.
• Don’t permit passwords, unless you know the password.
• Have healthy conversations about things you see posted or shared or liked. The purpose of accountability isn’t for your kids to feel like they’re in trouble, it’s for you to teach and guide them along the way.
• Create a charging station centrally in your house for your kids to plug and leave their cell phones every night. Kids shouldn’t take their cell phones to bed with them – eliminate the temptation!
• Regularly check their internet and Instagram search history. If their history is limited, it’s an indication that they might be clearing their searches.
• Follow them on Instagram and you will see not only their posts, but also the posts they’re liking.
• Limit the social media platforms that they use and the age at which you allow them to start using them.
• Pray for their protection and their wisdom.

If this all seems overwhelming to you, then maybe you’re not ready for your child to have a cell phone, because as parents we need to help our kids use their cell phones wisely. Check back tomorrow for a software suggestion that you might find helpful!

November 17, 2015

Your Kid and Their Cell Phone…Should Parents Spy?

On Sunday, I challenged parents about their role in helping to eliminate temptation for their kids. I know we can’t protect our kids from everything, and as they grow and mature and become more responsible, they need more freedom and less oversight; however, I believe as a parent, we should help to eliminate temptations that our kids might not be ready to handle. Why would a parent invite temptation into their child’s life? Why set our kids up for failure if we can help them succeed?

One of the biggest sources of temptation for a child is their cell phone! Most kids have their own cell phone by 6th or 7th grade. Many are getting them even earlier than that! And for most, this isn’t just a device used for the occasional phone call home to mom and dad; this is a smart phone that literally keeps them connected to the world.

Do you monitor your kid’s cell phone? Do you review their text messages? Do you check their internet search history? Do you know what they’re posting on Instagram? Do you see what they’re seeing posted from those they follow? If you don’t, you’re inviting temptation that your child may not be mature enough to handle.

I’m not suggesting that you spy on your kids. Spying is kept secret and in the dark. I’m suggesting that you openly set the standard with your kids that you will regularly check their phone. Nothing good grows in the dark. Nothing good comes from things kept secret. So let your intentions be known and let their cell phone activity be brought into the light.

I think you’ll find when their cell phone becomes your priority, healthy conversations will follow and their temptations will be lessened. Give it some thought – and check back tomorrow for some practical ways to apply this in your family!

November 16, 2015

Sunday’s Quotables

Happy Monday from Katie, Stu’s Assistant! Yesterday was an awesome Sunday and Stu’s message was SUPER practical. Here are a few of my favorite quotes:

1. What are the most common things that promise you satisfaction at the cost of obeying God?
2. The struggle is real and it’s in the form of a temptation.
4. God I Submit To You Today And I Agree That Your Way Is The Best Way For Me!
6. When I hear about people who eliminate the temptation, I never think weak – I think wise!
7. The devil loves your child’s privacy!
8. RELY.
9. Every temptation is an invitation to rely more on Jesus.
10. Submit, Resist, Rely and you can overcome the lion.


November 9, 2015

Sunday’s Quotables


Happy Monday from Katie, Stu’s Assistant. Yesterday, Stu taught on “Living In Rat Park”! Here are a few of my favorite quotes:

1. What is it that would make us less vulnerable, if you will, to the struggles that are real in our world?
2. There is a source that will keep you healthy and satisfied and fulfilled even when the struggle comes along.
3. …Three ways that you can stay connected to the source so that you and I can live in Rat Park all day, every day.
4. #1. Prayer…we gotta talk.
5. There’s no right way or wrong way to pray.
6. #2. God’s Word…we gotta eat.
7. #3. The Right People…we gotta hang out.
8. Being around the wrong people will never help you become the right person.
9. Show me your friends and I’ll show you your future.
10. These are three things that will connect you more and more with Jesus, the real source that will keep you fired up and fueled up and living in Rat Park!

November 2, 2015

Sunday’s Quotables

Happy Monday from Katie, Stu’s Assistant. Yesterday we celebrated Compassion Sunday – Stu shared The Secret to Surviving the Struggle and HUNDREDS of kids got sponsored! Here are a few of my favorite quotes:

1. If you want to survive the struggle that is real in your life, one of the best ways to do that is to be a part of the solution to the struggle that is real in somebody else’s life.
2. In fact, I’ll even go as far as to say this: the more I look at your struggles the less dramatic my own struggles seem.
3. You’re not truly living if you’re not being generous and doing good deeds with your money.
4. Use your money to end the struggle that is real for a child today and you’ll never regret it.
5. A simple sponsorship of $38 a month, is directly linked to the health, education, spiritual formation, and success of a specific child and that child becomes part of your family and you become a part of theirs.
6. And listen, I’m telling you…$38 a month in our world will get us an upgrade on your cable TV or a faster internet speed… But $38 in the life a child from Africa, El Salvador, Haiti…oh my gosh – it saves their life.
7. For the last 2 years, we’ve partnered with Compassion to sponsor a Child Survival Program in El Salvador, which just means that when you give to Waters Edge Church, you are giving to change the way kids in El Salvador think about church!
8. Everything Compassion does in other countries for children is done through a local church and that’s what sold me because I believe that the church is the hope of the world!
9. “Potential is everywhere, opportunity is not.” – Richmond Wandera
10. We are the church and we will rescue children from poverty and introduce them to the love of God!

For more information please visit

October 26, 2015

Sunday’s Quotables

Happy Monday from Katie, Stu’s Assistant. Here are a few of my favorite quotes from Stu’s super-practical talk called “The Money Master”.

1. The Struggle Is Real As A Result Of The Master You Serve.
2. I believe that Jesus knew that many of us would have very real struggles financially and it would be a direct result of the reality that we serve a master called money.
3. You can’t serve both God and money.
4. If money made you worry and Jesus said “don’t worry” – who’s your master?
5. Even though my Master, Jesus, has said be generous… I literally felt more controlled in that moment by that $20 bill than I did by Jesus.
6. This is such an important sermon because if you don’t get this right you’re not really following Jesus.
7. #1. Make A Plan.
8. #2. Stick To It!
9. #3. Don’t Forget The Goal.
10. If He’s your Master you have to do what He says in every area of your life, especially in your money.

Download the financial resources that Stu mentioned here.

Don’t forget about the Compassion Experience this weekend. Register today!

October 19, 2015

Sunday’s Quotables


Happy Monday, from Katie, Stu’s Assistant. Yesterday, Stu kicked off our new series, #TheStruggleIsReal. Here are a few of my favorite quotes:

1. I think this series really is probably the most relevant series of the year.
2. If you were to be honest I think you’d have to admit, the struggle IS real; life is not easy.
3. It is sin living in me that causes the struggle.
4. Paul’s trying to say this – you see the leaf, I’m trying to help you see the root.
5. Sin is a verb, but sin is also a noun.
6. I am in sin because I am born in Adam.
7. So death comes to us and flows to us from Adam but Paul says that grace overflows to us from Jesus!
8. Though we are in Jesus, we still act like we are in Adam.
9. Because you are in Christ, you have victory over the struggle!
10. Sin Is Not My Master.