April 18, 2017

Easter’s Top Ten

1. The first group of people that we find in the Easter story… were Seekers.
2. For every Seeker, Easter’s answer is Presence.
3. Because Jesus is with you, He is for you, and if He is for you, who dare be against you?
4. This second group was a group of Skeptics.
5. Easter’s answer to every Skeptic is simply Perspective.
6. Jesus can make your life better and He can make you better at life.
7. It is my hope and prayer today that really this group will be the one that all of us can relate to before we leave from here – that third group was Believers.
8. Easter has an answer for every Believer too, and that is Power.
9. The same power that caused Jesus to conquer death, hell, and the grave lives in you so because of the resurrection there is nothing He cannot do in you.
10. That’s the Easter question today: Do you believe?

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