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March 21, 2012

An Opportunity

My assistant is transitioning to a new role on our team…I’m hiring a new assistant! Please see below, and if you are a good fit (WITH NO DRAMA) email with your resume.

Position description – Assistant to the lead pastor

March 15, 2012

Ideas For Giving To Unstoppable

Since I’ve been in church all of my life, I’ve had LOTS of opportunities to give above and beyond my regular tithe (10%) giving to special causes and campaigns in the church.  So from my personal experience, I want to give you a few ideas that might really help you as you consider how much to give to the Unstoppable Initiative this Sunday.  You may give:

– by making personal sacrifices.  This is the place to start!  Look at your current spending and think about areas that you can cut out as a short term sacrifice.  Maybe you decide to cut out cable or internet for 12 months as a sacrifice or maybe you cut back on dining out.  Most of us have some areas of “non-essential” spending that we could cut out and give that money every month toward Unstoppable.
– by taking on an extra job.  When I was in my early 20’s going to school full-time and working part-time for a church, I really didn’t have any “extra” money to give to the building campaign our church was doing so I took on an extra job.  For about a year, I delivered an advertising supplement for the Daily Press once a week.  I gave every dollar I made from that extra job to the building program of the church.  You could take on a short term project or find extra ways to add income for a short season in order to support Unstoppable.
– from your savings.  This is how Tabitha and I are giving to Unstoppable this year!  We’ve been disciplined over the last several years to save a nice “nest egg” for security of mind and some purchases that we’ve been wanting to make.  Unstoppable is an opportunity for us to re-evaluate that “nest egg” and give from our savings to the work of God in our church.
– a pledge of faith.  This one is probably the scariest way to give!  When you make a faith pledge, you’re making a commitment to give without a clear and certain way of how you’re going to give it.  When we had our first building campaign at Waters Edge, I sensed God wanted Tabitha and me to give BIG!  The number I kept sensing from God was bigger than any check I had EVER dreamed of writing!  The more we prayed about it, the more we sensed that this was what God wanted and so we pledged to give it over the course of the next three years.  The ONLY way we could imagine being able to give that amount was if we sold our house and gave the equity and so we decided that if God didn’t provide another way, that’s how He would provide and that’s what we would do.  Several months later, Tabitha got an unexpected, very significant raise for a job she was doing from home.  We were shocked to discover that her raise was actually God’s provision for us to fulfill our faith pledge!  A pledge of faith must be carefully considered and immersed in prayer.
Here’s what I know…you’ll never look back and regret giving!  So, find a way to step up and give big this Sunday!
March 13, 2012

Don’t Miss This Opportunity!

It’s no secret! We need to give 1 million dollars to open up our Newport News Campus debt-free. The last four weeks, we’ve been on an exciting journey toward giving…that journey culminates THIS SUNDAY! I hope you’re ready! However, 1 million dollars is not the goal. I hope I’ve made this clear. The “win” this Sunday isn’t found in the amount of money we give. “Success” isn’t defined by a particular dollar amount. If we give 1 million, we’ll celebrate and move forward with full steam ahead. If we give less than 1 million, we’ll look at scaling back the size of the campus or at other funding options. If we give more than 1 million, the sky is the limit!

My hope and prayer about Sunday isn’t focused on the money, it’s focused on the process. PLEASE do not miss this opportunity. The “win” is found in the process. “Success” is defined by you seeking God. I want every person who calls WEC home to use this opportunity to seek God like never before. Find a quiet place. Get alone with God. Pour out your heart and soul to Him in prayer. Tell Him your fears. Ask Him to lead you. And then follow Him in obedience on Sunday. If that happens, everybody wins!

I’m praying for you CHURCH! #unstoppable

March 7, 2012

Video Update… M&M’s and Diet Coke

February 28, 2012

3 Things You Need To Know About Waters Edge Church Newport News

3 Things You Need To Know About Waters Edge Church Newport News

I am so excited to announce WATERS EDGE CHURCH NEWPORT NEWS!
Here are 3 things you need to know:
1 – A 3rd Campus is all about more people meeting Jesus!  This campus will place Waters Edge Church strategically on the Peninsula so that over 85% of households are within 5 miles of a campus of WEC.  100% of Peninsula households are within 10 miles!  The opportunities for you to invest and invite to a campus closer to where your friends live and work just increased big time!
2 – Our 3rd Campus is an opportunity for us to stretch, grow, and stay focused on our mission! I love seasons like this in the life of our church because they remind us of our  mission and make us focus on the  main thing!  The unstoppable initiative is an invitation to greater faith, maturity, and focus.
3 – Opening a 3rd Campus is an invitation for more people to get on the team!  It’s time to get off the sidelines and into the game.  You get to be part of making history!  You can do for someone else what someone else did for you!  You are invited to volunteer, give, pray, go, support, encourage, sacrifice, and believe!
February 23, 2012

“Can You Feel It?”

Can you feel the momentum?
Do you sense the movement of God?
Are you tuned into the mission?

Exponential Growth…LOVE WEEK….Baptisms….a third campus!  God is doing something extraordinary in our midst.  Don’t miss.  Join the movement!

February 21, 2012

Why Baptize?

We say it all the time, “baptism is an outward sign of an inward change.”  We say, “it’s the first step of obedience for Christ Followers.”  We believe that baptism is a command from Jesus; it’s a way to follow His example; and it’s an important step in your spiritual growth.  All of those things are true for the person being baptized and in large part that’s why I love the symbolism, meaning, and importance that baptism plays in a person’s life.

But I love baptism for another reason!  I love what baptism means and does in the life of a church.  This Sunday we’re baptizing in all of our services on both of our campuses.  Every time a person gets baptized at Waters Edge it’s a powerful reminder of our mission.  It’s an affirmation of our hard work, sacrifice, and dedication.  It’s an expression of God’s work in our midst. It’s the fuel that keeps the fire hot in the lives of hundreds of volunteers and hundreds of givers.  When a person gets baptized, we can all know that we’ve had a small part in the process of their life-chnage!

If you haven’t been baptized, perhaps this Sunday is your day.  I guarantee you, it will be meaningful and propel you in your relationship with Jesus.  Register online at

If you have been baptized, allow the baptism experience of others to motivate, inspire, and challenge you…and let’s celebrate baptism like never before this Sunday!

February 20, 2012


This week we will show the love of Jesus in an unprecedented form and fashion to the entire Peninsula in more than 61 different service projects, aiding more than 2 dozen community organizations, totaling more than 4,700 hours of community service all in 1 week! It’s LOVE WEEK! It’s not too late to get involved and participate. Simply go to, find an opportunity that interests you, and register for it! We are unstoppable. Join the movement!

January 31, 2012

Why I Believe “Everybody Needs A Group!”

I believe that “everybody needs a group!” In fact, it’s one of the values that we hold the highest around Waters Edge Church. However, the reason everybody needs a group might not be the reason you would suspect. Some people need a group because they need friendship, accountability, support, and encouragement. You’ll definitely get that in a group. There’s a different reason that some people need a group though…

Perhaps you need a group to be reminded that it’s not all about you?!

Every time I teach on our groups at Waters Edge, I always give the disclaimer: “Groups aren’t perfect because they are made up of imperfect people.” Every group has someone in it that’s a little needy, a little whiny, a little odd, and a whole lot annoying! (if you’re not sure who that person is in your group, it might be you!) Believe it or not, being in a group with imperfect people helps perfect people like you and me to grow spiritually. When you spend time with people who are not like you, who challenge you, who have different backgrounds and different questions and answers, you grow spiritually! Maybe you need a group simply because you’ve surrounded yourself with easy, lovable, similar people. Everybody needs a group!

(by the way, while I was absent from my group last night it was apparently decided that I might be the needy one in our group!)

January 24, 2012

Christmas Eve 2011