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July 28, 2011

Leadership Is A Privilege

If you lead a church, organization, family, team, unit, division or anything else for that matter, stop and remember: leadership is a privilege. It’s an honor to lead and have people actually follow! Think about it like this:

•Your employees can be frustrating, but imagine trying to make a profit without them on your team.
•Your kids can be draining, but imagine how unfulfilling your life would be without them.
•Your responsibilities can be overwhelming, but imagine how bored you would become if you didn’t have them.

I know you worked hard to get where you are, but where you are is a privilege!

I went to lunch today with some of my staff team. As I looked around the table at the skilled, passionate and fun people I lead, I was reminded: leading them is a privilege. They could all easily work somewhere else, following a different leader…but they’re allowing me to lead them! And as we shared stories of WEC’s growth, I was reminded: leading WEC is a privilege. The 2,389 people who attended on this past Sunday could’ve easily done something else, somewhere else….but they came to Waters Edge and are allowing me to lead them. This simple shift in mentality from “right” to “privilege” might just change the way you lead.