December 5, 2016

Sunday’s Top Ten: O Come O Come Emmanuel


1. Emmanuel = God With Us.
2. What Will You Do To Experience His Presence This Season?
3. God is with us, but are you with God?
4. If I’m not careful, celebrating Jesus will be the last thing I do during Christmas and so Heart For The House is a reminder and a challenge that as we celebrate the season, let’s always bring it back to the main thing.
5. What Are You Grateful For From 2016?
6. What Are You Anticipating God To Do In 2017?
7. What Would You Do Differently Tomorrow If You Became Convinced Today That God Was With You?
8. If you really became convinced today that God was with you, think about the prayers you would pray.
9. It would change the way you live tomorrow because our God is with us and if He is with us, He is for us and If God is for us, you tell me, who can be against us?
10. So the next time the old carol begins to play in the background, O Come O Come Emmanuel, something should rise up in your heart and say, He has come and He is here and that changes everything!

November 30, 2016

Waters Edge Kids Live!

Don’t miss Waters Edge Kids Live THIS FRIDAY!

November 22, 2016

Sunday’s Top Ten: Why I Rest?

Why I Header1. The rest I’m describing today is all about this: stop striving.
2. Rest is a state of your soul.
3. Rest is an awareness, that when I’ve done all I can do, God’s gonna do what He will do so I can rest.
4. I rest because Not Everything Is My Problem.
5. Rest is a reminder to prioritize that which matters the most to me and let go of the rest of it.
6. Rest means you have to say NO!
7. My Value Is Not Measured By Doing, But By Being.
8. We cause our kids to break the 4th commandment and we teach them to live at an unsustainable pace when we don’t set aside a day to rest and to worship our God.
9. I rest because I Can!
10. Whatever you’re facing, God’s got it so you can rest.

November 14, 2016

Sunday’s Top Ten: Why I Forgive?

Why I Header1. Forgiveness means I release the debt you owe to me.
2. I Forgive Because I Have Been Forgiven.
3. When you remember that you’ve done things that needed forgiveness, it puts forgiving others in the right perspective.
4. I Forgive Because Forgiveness Sets Me Free.
5. Unforgiveness is like a chain that keeps you tethered to your past.
6. Forgiveness won’t change the past, but it will change your future.
7. You may not be free from the consequences of hurt and pain that were caused to you, but you will be free from the pressure and the demands of bitterness and resentment and restitution and revenge.
8. I Forgive Because God Is Bigger Than The Offense.
9. When you forgive, it’s saying that God is bigger than my offense and I trust God to handle it on my account.
10. God is bigger than any offense and even when someone offends you and brings harm to you, God is so big that He can use even that for good.

November 7, 2016

Sunday’s Top Ten: Why I Give?

Why I Header

1. Giving is scary. Giving is frightening. Giving is giving up control. Giving is loosening the grip. Giving requires faith. Giving requires trust.
2. I’ve got a list of 3 big reasons why I give big.
3. I Give Because God Says To Give.
4. God commands us to give because God knew long ago that a true test of a person’s heart starts with a person’s wallet.
5. Maybe that’s why He wants me to give, so my whole life will be prioritized and ordered around Him because listen, why would I trust God with prayers for my children or for my future or for my job or prayers for a sick loved one and not trust Him with my money?
6. I give because when I surrendered my life to God, I surrendered EVERYTHING.
7. I Give Because Giving Involves The Richest Person In The Universe In My Finances.
8. I want Him involved in my finances! And man, I want to model that kind of faith and trust and generosity for my kids.
9. I Give Because I Am In Love With The Mission Of Waters Edge Church.
10. I believe that God has given those of us in this church the resources He wants to use to build this church so that we can change the way more and more and more and more people think about church and so it’s my greatest honor and highest privilege to give my resources first and foremost here!

October 31, 2016

Sunday’s Top Ten: Why I Come To The Table?

Why I Header

1. WHY Is The Imagery All About The Table?
2. Justice says sin must be punished, somebody has to die, but love says it doesn’t have to be you.
3. WHY Does The Bread Taste So Bad?
4. This unleavened bread reminds us that we can leave sin behind and in a moment, in an instant, in a blink of an eye, find freedom in Jesus Christ.
5. WHY Is The Table So Large?
6. Because this is a moment to be shared. The Lord’s table is a celebration for the community of the church. …And that table is so big because there’s still room for more!
7. WHY Don’t We Come To The Table More Often?
8. This is a moment that requires some time and some effort and some reflection. And really there are three questions you should be asking as you reflect.
#1 Do I know Jesus?
#2 Am I in good relationship with Him?
#3 Am I in good relationship with others?
9. WHY Do I Come To The Table?
10. When you are at the table, you proclaim that Jesus died for me and He’s coming back for me, so I will live for Him.

October 24, 2016

Sunday’s Top Ten: Why I Sing?

Why I Header

1. I Sing Because God Likes It.
2. God loves to hear His children sing and it’s the most beautiful sound to His ears.
3. That’s why for those few moments when you’re standing and the band is playing and the worship leader is leading and you’re focused and singing out, that’s why it feels like heaven on earth for those few moments. You are doing on earth what you were created to do in heaven and it pleases God.
4. I Sing Because Of What God Has Done For Me.
5. When you look at what He has done for you – you can’t help yourself but SING!
6. There is nothing wrong with cheering for your kids or for your team, I do it too! But there is something wrong when you celebrate louder on a Saturday at a field than on a Sunday in God’s house.
7. I Sing Because It Changes Things.
8. Worship makes my problems look smaller and my God look bigger.
9. I dare you try it in the middle of your darkest moment, in the middle of your most trying time, I dare you to lift your head and your hands and your voice and worship your God and watch and see. The circumstances might not change, but you will change.
10. You want to experience the nearness of God in your life? Sing! Engage! Worship! Praise! I’m telling you – it changes things!

October 17, 2016

Sunday’s Top Ten: Why I Grow?

Why I Header

1. I really do think there’s too much in life where we know the WHAT when we really need to know the WHY.
2. Why I Grow.
3. The goal isn’t to just know Jesus, the goal is to know Jesus and grow in your relationship with Jesus and so today I want to tell you why I grow.
4. I grow because it’s God’s plan for my life.
5. I don’t grow because it’s easy and I don’t grow because I’m disciplined, I grow because God wants me to grow and if I’m going to experience God’s best for my life, it’s only going to happen as I take steps toward growing.
6. I need to help you understand this: you don’t grow without the church.
7. When was the last time you took a step, like actually did something to grow spiritually?
8. I think there are really five stages of a person’s spiritual life and it kind of creates a spiritual continuum: Apathetic, Exploring, Crossing, Stuck. Growing.
9. There’s always opportunity for growth.
10. Let’s grow so we can become more like Jesus!

Take a step on the Growth Map today!

October 11, 2016

I Miss You!

Hey Waters Edge…I miss you! We hated doing it, but with power outages on two campuses, flooded streets, and dangerous road conditions, cancelling services on Sunday was the right decision to protect our staff, volunteers, and YOU! BUT…I miss you!

• I miss seeing you show up early to volunteer on your team with passion and excitement!
• I miss hearing you sing and watching you worship with all your heart!
• I miss the cheers of the audience as the band enters the stage!
• I miss watching your kids walk down the hall leaving a trail of mints overflowing from their pockets!
• I miss teaching you God’s word and seeing you respond to Him with obedience!
• I miss the moment at the end of every service where someone you’ve invested in and invited places their faith and trust in Jesus and they’re never the same!

I missed you on Sunday but the good news is: there’s another Sunday coming! Here are three things you can do if you miss me too!

1. Make your plans for this Sunday as we kick off our new series: Why I? Don’t miss 2 weeks in a row – get back to church this Sunday no matter what!
2. Call the friend you invited to The Best Sunday Ever and make sure they’re planning to come back with you this Sunday!
3. Give online at or text to give by texting “give 100” or any amount to 757.695.3019. Through your giving, we are changing the way people think about church and we are able to continue to support our national and international partners with disaster relief support.

October 3, 2016

Sunday’s Top Ten: The Best Sunday Ever


1. Have you ever felt like an outsider?
2. God wants you to move from being outside of Jesus Christ to being what the Bible calls, in Christ.
3. Are you in Christ or are you out?
4. Maybe some of your regrets have come as a result of being separated from Jesus.
5. And these four words according to the Bible describe life on the outside: deadseparate, foreigner, and hopeless.
6. This is The Best Sunday Ever because there’s more to the story.
7. I cannot overemphasize that phrase enough today: God loves you.
8. On the outside you’re dead but on the inside you’re alive.
On the outside you’re separate but on the inside you’re together.
On the outside you’re a foreigner but on the inside you’re a citizen.
On the outside you’re hopeless but on the inside you have hope.
9. If you are [in Christ], then this is The Best Sunday Ever because I just reminded you that you are alive, and together, and a citizen, that you are filled with hope, and that you have Jesus!
10. If you’re outside the square let me tell you the only thing it takes to move from an outsider to an insider and that is to place your faith and trust in Jesus Christ today.