September 18, 2017

Sunday’s Top Ten: Comeback Cue Cards

1. Every Setback Is A Setup For A Comeback.
2. We really believe that in this house. We believe in the potential of your comeback.
3. And if you’re not dead, God’s not done and so get ready for a comeback in your life.
4. This comeback story is the story of Lazarus and specifically his death and *spoiler alert*…subsequent resurrection from the dead.
5. I want to help you see today that preparing for the comeback begins by the perspective you have in the setback.
6. The bigger the setback the bigger the comeback.
7. Maybe God didn’t come through for you the way you thought He would or with the rescue you thought He would have, maybe He disappointed you or didn’t meet your expectations simply because He was creating a setup to exceed your expectations.
8. What you’re going through or what you’ve been through doesn’t diminish His love for you.
9. You see when you complete your comeback vocabulary with “You Are”, the outcome of the comeback doesn’t really matter because you know Jesus and so you can know that whatever you face, He will bring you through for a comeback.
10. So When…Even Now…You Are…My Comeback.

August 28, 2017

Sunday’s Top Ten: Afraid For Nothing

1. Fear doesn’t always deliver on its own promises.
2. I want to help you overcome one of your biggest fears and help you discover, you’re afraid for nothing.
3. The fear I’m talking about is your fear of sharing your faith with someone, of telling someone about Jesus and let’s be honest – it scares you to death.
4. Fear is no match for faith.
5. You don’t have to know all the answers, you don’t have to have had all the training, you don’t have to be able to lead Bible studies or quote verses, you just need what these 2 guys had: you need courage.
6. We are sitting here today with the hope of Jesus in our lives because of the boldness of the early church who in spite of threats and in spite of harm and in spite of persecution, didn’t back down in fear but instead stepped up in boldness.
7. We are here because they were fearless!
8. What’s the worst thing that might happen to you if you tell somebody about Jesus?
9. Baby Step 1: Pray For Boldness.
Baby Step 2: Invite Someone To Your Church.
Baby Step 3: Share Your Story.
Baby Step 4: Ask If They Want To Become A Follower Of Jesus Like You Are.
10. We really believe that God loves people so much that He gave His son for them and that those of us who fall in love with His son live a better life here on earth and live forever with Him in eternity and so we need to be bold to tell others about that message.

August 21, 2017

Sunday’s Top Ten: The Fear Is In Here

1. What I’m saying is your fear is less about what’s through the window and more about what’s in the mirror.
2. If You Could See Yourself As God Sees You, You Would Live Fearless Like God Made You.
3. Our God is so big that our problems don’t scare Him, our challenges don’t stress Him.
4. When you’re scared, God shows up.
5. When Your View Of You Is Different Than God’s View Of You, God’s View Is Always Right!
6. If you want to overcome fear in your life, you gotta stop believing the lie of your reflection and start believing the truth of God’s view.
7. I want to tell you today that if you didn’t have the strength, God wouldn’t allow the struggle.
8. You Already Have Everything You Need To Overcome Any Fear You Face.
9. If you want to face any fear, you’ve got to start reading the label your Maker put on you.
10. When we say, “I can’t” because we’re full of fear, God builds our faith by saying… “but I can”!

August 14, 2017

Sunday’s Top Ten: The Atmosphere of Fear

1. Faith overrides fear.
2. When we draw near to God and declare His promises together, the enemy has to flee.
3. In the times and seasons and moments of life where you might least expect it, fear steps in and steps up and forces you many times to step down.
4. Fear always makes us run from God’s best for our future.
5. Some of you are painting the walls of your life with the wrong color. You’re painting them with fear and I want to teach you today to paint them with faith.
6. The atmosphere of your life is set in place by what you choose to focus on.
7. “Fear Takes Over When I Give More Weight To My What-ifs Than What God Says.”
8. When you feel fear, let it trigger you to turn to the word of God and eat it up.
9. The promise of God for your life today is greater than the fear the devil wants you to feel today.
10. When Fear Forces You To Retreat, God’s Promises Compel You To Advance.

August 7, 2017

Sunday’s Top Ten: Fearology 101

1. Fear forces us to forfeit God’s best for our lives.
2. Fear restricts while faith releases!
3. What Is This Fear Keeping Me From?
4. Fear is based in deception while faith is based on truth.
5. Is This Feeling Based On Truth?
6. Fear says: “what if” while faith says, “God can.”
7. Stop letting the devil’s lies keep you from God’s promises.
8. Fear looks out and around…Faith looks up and in.
9. Faith knows on the other side of my fear is my future and nothing is going to keep me from God’s best for my life.
10. Where Are My Eyes?

August 2, 2017

Video Update: Student Groups!

July 31, 2017

Sunday’s Top Ten: Moses, The Story Of An Angry Man

Yesterday, Mike Hancock, our Executive Director of Ministries, finished up our GOAT series strong with Moses, The Story Of An Angry Man. Here are a few of my favorite quotes from his talk:

1. His first 40 years, he spent in Egypt.
2. He knew God’s will, but he didn’t bother to seek God’s timing.
3. His next 40 years, he spent in the desert.
4. The desert is where God likes to speak.
5. God could have delivered all of His people all by himself, but He tends to use people as His instrument, and He often uses the ones that have made mistakes in their past.
6. When we feel like a nobody, we often miss the promises of God, don’t we?
7. The last 40 years, he spent in the wilderness.
8. Trust In God Is Displayed Through Obedience.
9. When you experience failure it often prompts a teachable spirit.
10. God is just looking for someone with ears to hear His voice, and hands to do His work, and a heart that beats the way His beats.

July 24, 2017

Sunday’s Top Ten: Jesus

1. You’re part of a movement, part of a mighty army that is going to march into our communities and into our cities and into the lives of people who need us the most this week and we’re going to get our hands dirty and we’re going to do whatever it takes to tangibly show the love of Jesus because today officially kicks off LOVE WEEK 2017!
2. I love Love Week and let me tell you why, because I know with my crazy, busy, self-centered schedule, I need to be pushed every once in a while to do something for someone else. To do something that might make me uncomfortable. To do something that might take away time and energy from things I really like to do or even need to do.
3. Love Week can make you the GOAT!
4. Jesus, the Greatest Of All Time, the true GOAT, says service defines greatness.
5. “Other’s first” defines maturity.
6. This is why one of our values, like one of our defining statements that describes the people of Waters Edge Church, is: It’s Not About Me, It’s About Others!
7. The Discipline Of Serving Others Defines True Greatness.
8. Serving Others Satisfies.
9. I want us to serve our cities and communities and our neighbors in such a way this week that it changes their lives and it changes ours.
10. And I guarantee you something today. If you’ll give us an hour or two and pour into a project this week, you will change a life and you might be surprised to discover that the life you change is actually yours.

July 17, 2017

Sunday’s Top Ten: Are You Ready?

A big ‘thank you’ to Patrick Ondrey, our Executive Director of Operations, who challenged us yesterday with his GOAT: David. Here are a few of my favorite quotes from his talk:

1. Greatness Is Established In Faithfulness.
2. Lots of people want to kill giants… but a lot of people aren’t willing to be content protecting the sheep.
3. If you will faithfully serve, God will faithfully bless.
4. Greatness Is Established Through Preparation.
5. You cannot underestimate the importance of preparing to meet life’s challenges.
6. Greatness Is Established Through Unwavering Confidence.
7. Don’t lose your confidence in who God created you to be.
8. Greatness Is Established By Facing Your Fear.
9. Make the choice to face your fears, especially when that fear gets between you and the life you want to live.
10. God wants you and I to engage life, He wants us to engage our gifts and our abilities and use them for His glory and for victory in your life.

July 10, 2017

Sunday’s Top Ten: There’s More To Your Story

I loved hearing from our Executive Director of Creative Arts, Caleb Landon, yesterday! Here are a few of my favorite quotes from his talk:

1. Your story is not done yet.
2. Faith is not getting from God what I want; it’s accepting from God what He gives.
3. We can’t force our way into the future God has for us.
4. I can’t do anything about the outcome but I can do everything about my obedience.
5. Faith doesn’t take the weight off of my life but it shows me how to handle it.
6. Don’t let the pain of your past rob you of facing your future.
7. God’s Plan Is Far Greater Than Our Own.
8. God Provides And Blesses Those Who Trust And Obey Him, No Matter What The Circumstance.
9. We Are Not Defined By What Happens To Us; We Are Defined By What God Is Doing Through Us.
10. God doesn’t need us but He wants us.