May 2, 2016

Sunday’s Top Ten: Back To The Field


1. We all want to be victorious in fighting the giants that we face.
2. I’m betting today that some of you have been defeated over and over and over again by the giants in your life.
3. If the fight isn’t going the way you want it to, if you’re getting beat down by the giant in your life, if you’re not victorious in the battle, maybe it’s because God wants you to go back to the field.
4. Before anybody wins the fight against the giant, they must first undergo the preparation in the field.
5. Tending the sheep prepared David for fighting the giant. Sitting in the field was preparation for sitting on the throne.
6. There’s never a season in your life of insignificance because God is doing something in every season to prepare you for a fight in the future.
7. Sometimes God wants us to win against the little things in our life before we win against the giant in our life.
8. What’s An Area Of My Life Where I’m Not Being Faithful?
9. Faithfulness in one area can lead to victory in other areas.
10. You might be facing a giant today, but the real Giant, the bigger Giant, the stronger Giant, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords Giant, the all-time, undefeated, undisputed, champion Giant lives on the inside of you – the battle is the Lord’s!

April 29, 2016

Why I Send My Kids To Summer Camp


The early bird registration for Summer Camp ends this Sunday, May 1st. That’s a savings of $50 / registration! HELLO! By signing up early, I’m saving $150 on summer camp costs! Because you might want to do the same thing, I thought I would share with you 6 reasons I send my kids to Waters Edge Church Summer Camp:

1. My kids make great friends at Summer Camp!
I say it all the time: show me your friends, I’ll show you your future. I want my kids to develop relationships with other students who are learning to love and follow Jesus. This happens at Summer Camp!
2. My kids connect with great adults at Summer Camp!
WEC’s greatest gift to me as a parent are the voices of other adults that speak into the life of my kids. The college students and adults that connect with my kids at camp and provide a Godly example to my kids are a true gift! I am thankful that there are loving, caring, Godly adults who love my kids at summer camp.
3. My kids’ spiritual tanks get poured into for an entire week!
It’s not easy being a kid! School, friends, drama, life can suck a kid dry. But at camp, my kids get filled up! The music they hear, the lessons they learn, the sermons they hear, and the activities they have fill up my kids’ spiritual tanks.
4. My kids prioritize their faith for an entire week!
For a week out of the summer, my kids learn to put Jesus first in their life. They read their Bible and pray with their small group. They worship and learn and place importance on their spiritual life. That’s pretty awesome!
5. God speaks to my kids at Summer Camp!
I love when my kids come home and tell me what God said to them through a worship song, small group discussion, quiet time reading, or sermon. What could be better than my kid hearing from God about his/her life?
6. My kids have fun at Summer Camp!
Summer camp truly is a highlight for my kids’ summer and around our house, we plan EVERYTHING in the summer around camp! They look forward to it all year long and so do I!

You can learn more about summer camp and register below:
Kids Camp
Middle School Camp
High School Camp


April 25, 2016

Sunday’s Top Ten: Up & Down

1. If I could break out of the cycle of once a month workouts, I would break out of the cycle of Saturday night freak-outs.
2. I regularly go up, so that I can come down.
3. I want to teach you that you must go up or you’ll always be down.
4. If Jesus needed to carve out time to connect with others and seek the Father with others in a quiet, alone, mountaintop location, how much more do you and I need that too?!
5. There are things that God wants you to see, and things that God wants you to experience, and things that God wants to say to you, and the only way you will ever hear them and see them and experience them is if you are disciplined enough to regularly come up.
6. My concern for all of us is that we don’t get up on the mountain enough to sustain us when we’re down in the valley.
7. You know a simple way every day to come up on the mountain? Spend a little time with God praying and reading His word.
8. His presence on the mountain is what gives me perspective in the valley.
9. You’ve got to go up with Jesus so you can bring Jesus down to the world in need around you.
10. That time with our Father, that last hug before we get on the bus of life, it prepares us for whatever we’re going to face today and I just want that for you because I know some of you face difficult realities in the valley, but it’s the cycle of having spent the time with your Father on the mountain that will get you through it.

April 18, 2016

Sunday’s Top Ten: Going Public


1. I’m just telling you that while I love all churches, I especially love my church!
2. Going public with your relationship with Jesus could make all the difference in the world in someone else’s life.
3. You are God’s plan to save the world.
4. What If Your Baptism Could Lead To Their Belief?
5. I’ll often say to people being baptized, “You’re about to preach the best, the loudest, the most passionate, the most engaging sermon ever preached.”
6. What If Your Story Could Lead To Their Salvation?
7. And if you believe that Jesus has changed you and He’s brought you from darkness to light, from guilty to forgiven, from sin to righteousness, from shame to significance, then it’s time to share that with somebody else.
8. What If Your Faith Could Lead To Their Freedom?
9. What if what the people you love the most need the most is a relationship with God?
10. I really do believe that in four weeks we could be a church of 10,000 people because when we go public with our faith, God goes on display, and when God goes on display, He is irresistible!

April 11, 2016

Sunday’s Top Ten: Keep Moving

1. I thought I might just warn you that one of [the soccer referees] this season might be your preacher’s son and if you do lose your mind on him, you will end up as a sermon illustration!
2. If your faith was lived out on a field, are you living like the whistle has blown or are you still moving?
3. Some of you have called a time out and you’re doubled over on the sidelines trying to catch your breath when I believe that God wants all of you on the field, running hard, playing your part, moving the ball, advancing the score, winning the game!
4. There are three very broad and general categories to a person’s faith that I want to describe to you today using these three chairs…The Seeker, The Believer, and The Follower.
5. This is a safe place for seekers…Keep seeking, keep asking, keep knocking, keep questioning because we want you to find Him!
6. I’m praying that every seeker here discovers that just when you think you’re seeking Jesus, you discover that He’s the one seeking you!
7. When you move from seeking to believing you immediately become adopted as a son or a daughter of God and as son or daughter you have all the rights, the all the privileges, all the access to the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords because you are now a son, you are now a daughter.
8. The third chair is always moving, always advancing, always progressing, because to follow Jesus means to become more like Him.
9. He wants you to prioritize your time and your talents and your energies and your efforts differently.
10. The whistle hasn’t blown yet – you’ve got to keep moving! Which chair are you in, and what is Jesus saying to your heart about moving to the next one?

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April 4, 2016

Sunday’s Top Ten: Living In The Gap


1. The gap is the space that exists between where you are and where you want to be.
2. The gap leads you to feel disappointment and frustration and sometimes hopelessness.
3. It’s one of the most dangerous things you can get your hands on when you’re living in the gap. I’m talking about social media!
4. You see, the problem arises when you’re in the gap because you’re living your real life, seeing your own behind the scenes footage, and you’re comparing it to everybody else’s highlight reel.
5. Their Easter family picture was photoshopped!
6.The Gap Is The Gift.
7. Because in the gap we become acutely aware of the nearness and closeness of our God!
8. Sometimes it takes the gap for us to see and hear from God.
9. The gap can be a place of hope, you see! God’s not done with me. He has more in store for me!
10. The gap reminds me that life is a journey and all throughout that journey that God is faithful.

March 29, 2016

Sunday’s Top Ten: Easter with Waters Edge Church


Easter weekend was incredible! We opened a brand new auditorium and a brand new environment for 4th and 5th graders but most importantly, there were 493 salvations! That’s what it’s all about! Here are a few of my favorite points:

1. Easter Sunday morning brought light to the darkest of nights.
2. I’ve come to announce to someone today living in darkness, overwhelmed in fear, overtaken by guilt, overcome by the night that because Jesus is alive, the light can shine again in your life.
3. Easter is the message of hope.
4. But here’s what you need to know today, as long as the resurrection of Jesus is just a historical event to you, you’ll continue to live in darkness.
5. Has the resurrection of Jesus resurrected you?
6. There’s a difference between seeing it and experiencing it.
7. Some of you are here today and you have spent your life fishing for things that never fulfill you, never satisfy you, never complete you and you’re just like Peter.
8. You’ve come up empty, but I have good news for you today: Jesus is alive and His resurrection power can resurrect you!
9. Your sin doesn’t have to keep you from Jesus. Your sin can catapult you toward Him.
10. You don’t have to keep fishing through the night and coming up empty anymore! God’s got a plan for your life, a plan of abundance that’s more than enough. That will fill you up!

March 24, 2016

Are You Smarter Than My 5th Grader? (Easter Edition)

Last Sunday, my 5th grader Taylor asked me to get her some extra Easter invite cards so she could invite some people to Easter. Of course, I was proud of her and gladly brought her home a stack. She’s planning to invite some friends and a couple of her favorite teachers to join her for Easter at Waters Edge Church. How awesome is that? I think that’s pretty smart! But it gets better…

Taylor is so smart and sensitive to God’s spirit that last night she asked me what kind of dog Mr. Charlie has. Mr. Charlie is our neighbor – his dog barks at Taylor everyday on her way to and from the bus. I told her he was some type of beagle mix. A short time later, Taylor proudly presented a picture she had colored, closely resembling Mr. Charlie’s dog. Then Taylor asked if she could bake some cookies. Of course, she ate a couple herself, but made some extras too for a very specific purpose!

Today, Taylor is taking one of her invite cards, her picture of his dog, and some of the extra homemade cookies to our neighbor, Mr. Charlie and she is going to ask a simple question that could change his life: Will you come to my church on Easter?

My 5th grader is really smart! She knows that the message of Easter is meant to be shared and that it can change someone’s life. She knows that an invitation is more likely to be received when there’s common ground. She knows that God can use her to make a difference in someone’s life.

So how about it? When it comes to inviting for Easter: Are you smarter than my 5th grader?

March 23, 2016

Video Update: Easter Edition

March 22, 2016

3 Reasons Why We Use Tickets For Easter


If you’re new to Waters Edge, the idea of downloading a ticket to attend church might seem a bit odd to you. However, here are three reasons why we use tickets on Easter:

1. Our Campuses Have Limited Capacity. Nobody wants to show up on Easter and not have a seat! Without tickets, this would definitely happen and it could happen to you or your guests! Tickets allow us to ensure that everyone planning to attend a service has a place to park and sit when they arrive!

2. It Allows Us To Strategically Plan For Our Volunteers. It takes hundreds of volunteers to execute multiple services over four campuses. Tickets give us an indication of total attendance; thus, allowing us to anticipate the services that need more volunteer support.

3. It’s An Easy Way To Invite Someone. A ticket makes an invitation more official. Instead of simply saying, “Would you come to church with me on Easter?” Now, you can add: “I’ve already got your ticket!”

Tickets are free and ready to be downloaded right now at You can either print your ticket or show it on your phone as you enter. Either way, get your tickets TODAY!