October 31, 2014

Ministry Leadership 101: During Conflict… Be A Leader

We recently held a staff day and invited our spouses to join to learn leadership lessons from some of our finest. Mike Hancock, our Director of Family Ministries, gave us a lesson on Conflict. Here’s his recap:

Conflict stinks! Nobody likes it, but at times it can be unavoidable. Here’s some advice I gave to our staff about how to act when dealing with difficult people in our life. During Conflict…BE A LEADER. Be the leader God has called you to be. Conflict doesn’t just go away on its own, so hit it head on with a grace-filled heart and speak the truth. Be a leader even when it’s tough. You might say, “But I don’t want to hurt their feelings.” WHY NOT? I’m not saying be mean-spirited. I’m saying be a leader. Too often I fear we hold back when it comes to speaking truth because we are afraid to hurt people. Where does that get us in the long run? The most healing thing for conflict is truth, and the truth often hurts. People deserve to hear the truth. If you speak in love, people will be given an opportunity to grow. Your motive shouldn’t be to humiliate but to help. Be a leader and let God use you.

October 27, 2014

Sunday’s Quotables

Happy Monday from Katie, Stu’s Assistant. Yesterday’s talk called “Pivotal Circumstances” was awesome. Here are a few of my favorite quotes.

1. But God is so committed to you and to me having HUGE faith that He’ll go to HUGE extents to help us grow it and develop it.
2. All I could think about is, “What if that snake opens the door?!”
3. When you talk to people who have big faith stories and you ask them how their big faith developed, almost every single one of them will talk about what I’m calling today a Pivotal Circumstance.
4. The amazing thing about people with big faith, when they tell their big faith stories, they’ll always tell you, my faith grew because of that, not in spite of that.
5. God has a way of leveraging all the bad junk in our life, for our good, so that our faith will blow up!
6. The gap is the gift.
7. Every person with growing faith has endured pivotal circumstances because our faith cannot grow without them.
8. Pivot The Problem
9. Rename The Pain
10. Sorrow today might produce blessing tomorrow.

October 23, 2014

Ministry Leadership 101: Raving Fans

In addition to focusing on recruiting new volunteers, my staff has also been looking at making sure that our current volunteers are “raving fans!” We know that when people LOVE something they want to tell other people about it. We strive to create an environment SO irresistible that people can’t wait to come back. However, we don’t stop there. We want them to come back AND to bring someone with them!

This applies most obviously to our Sunday experience in the auditorium but it also applies to volunteering and Groups. If someone is having an amazing volunteer experience where they are impacting people and making a difference they will want their friend to have that as well. If the group they belong to is helping them grow spiritually or meeting their needs, they will be more apt to share the experience with others.

Irresistible environments are magnetic and attract people. Your raving fans will grow your volunteer base or your organization if you create an environment that they cannot help but talk about! What questions do you need to be asking to make your organization irresistible?

October 20, 2014

Sunday’s Quotables

Happy Monday from Katie, Stu’s Assistant. I hope that you joined us for church yesterday to hear Part 2 of Five Things God Uses to Grow Your Faith. Here are a few of my favorite quotes:

1. God wants your faith to grow.
2. As your faith or your trust increases, your level of intimacy with God increases.
3. God uses uncomfortable, inconvenient, challenging experiences to grow our faith, to cause us to trust Him more, so our relationship with Him can grow more.
4. God uses Personal Ministry to grow your faith.
5. A consistent part of every person’s big faith story is personal ministry.
6. You can’t sit on the sidelines and grow your faith.
7. But I want you to say yes today to joining a team here because it’s a structured, systemized way to ensure that you have a personal ministry.
8. The hardest sermons to receive are the most important to apply.
9. We have God’s Word in our hands!
10. Come carry the Word of God with us, there is a page in the book for you to carry too because you need a personal ministry to blow your faith up big.

October 16, 2014

Ministry Leadership 101: Recruit!

I love helping people move from the sidelines and into the game…to connect and serve on one of our volunteer teams. I recently challenged our staff to invest in recruitment to get more people than ever before involved in the ministry of Waters Edge Church. After a few weeks of looking at recruitment in our church, we gave our staff 5 practical actions to help them step up their recruitment game. If you’re in ministry, these might be helpful for you too! Here they are:

1. If only one person in a family is volunteering-get the rest of the family involved.
2. Have one-on-one conversations with your top leaders so they know this is a priority and explain to them how they can help you recruit.
3. Every Sunday introduce yourself to someone you don’t know and make it a point to look for them again. Form a new relationship with them to make them more connected to you and to Waters Edge. After a few conversations-ask them to volunteer!
4. Ask volunteers that currently volunteer every other week to volunteer every week. Most people want to do more, so ask them!
5. Meet with a student intern or Campus Pastor and strategize how to get more students on your team.

These are just a few action steps we’ve recently taken to get more involved than ever before!

October 13, 2014

Sunday’s Quotables

Happy Monday from Katie, Stu’s Assistant. I hope you joined us yesterday as we kicked off a new series, 5 Things God Uses To Grow Your Faith! Here are a few of my favorite quotes:

1. Following Jesus is more than just about fire insurance… following Jesus is an everyday decision.
2. God likes big faith and He cannot lie!
3. God wants you to trust Him in big kinds of ways because basically that is what faith is, it’s trust.
4. I want to teach you the first of these 5 things that God uses to grow your faith and the first one is just this, it is Practical Bible Teaching.
5. I’m talking about teaching that causes you to go home and take a step of faith.
6. This is what I want for every single one of us, first of all, that you would see Jesus and number two, that you would walk away knowing what to do with what you just learned.
7. I think the best sermons are the ones that mess with you the most!
8. Am I really trusting God?
9. Be Consistently Exposed To Practical Bible Teaching.
10. Ask the question: How Do I Apply What I Just Learned?

October 10, 2014

Ministry Leadership 101: Volunteer Recruitment

My staff recently took a month to focus on recruiting volunteers. We took a hard look at our volunteer culture and made a shocking discovery: we did not have a built-in system for recruitment! WHAT? That’s right. We were making BOLD asks, but we didn’t have a system and structure that supported recruitment, so we changed that!

We immediately implemented two things:

1. When every new volunteer gets connected, we talk about recruitment. We added a recruitment segment to every training we do. It is short and to the point: Now that you know how easy and fun it’s going to be to volunteer on this team-you should invite someone you know to join you. That will make it even more fun and meaningful! Then, we tell them how to do it.

2. We added an experience, called “Test Drive” to try out volunteering. An existing volunteer invites someone to try out volunteering and if they like it, they sign up that day to join a team. We made the on-ramp to joining a team easy and immediate. We also tried to eliminate the fear factor by letting them “test drive” the experience before they commit to a team.

Creating culture takes time, but these two steps will help us build recruitment into our volunteer culture.

October 8, 2014

Video Update… 10.5 Recap!

October 6, 2014

Sunday’s Quotables

Happy Monday from Katie, Stu’s Assistant. I hope you joined us yesterday for the finale of Life’s Too Short! The day was full of awesome elements – we launched our WEC Store, broke ground for our Yorktown expansion, and baptized 101 people!

Here are a few of my favorite quotes from Stu’s talk, Life’s Too Short For Your Excuses!

1. I’ll give you a subtitle for today’s message if you’re taking notes: Your excuses are stupid!
2. Today I want to confront three areas of your life where I believe you’ve been making excuses.
3. If there’s any message that this church embraces it’s this one: there is still room!
4. #1. Making Jesus The Lord And Savior Of Your Life.
5. Maybe you don’t really understand that making Jesus the Lord and Savior of your life is the single most important thing in this life and the greatest thing for your life.
6. Don’t let what’s good in the here and now cause you to miss what’s best in the forever after!
7. #2. Taking Your Step Of Obedience In Baptism.
8. #3. Prioritizing Jesus In Your Finances.
9. I’ll never understand how people trust Jesus with their eternal destiny and not with their temporary checkbook.
10. Your excuses are keeping you from the life God intends for you.

October 1, 2014

Video Update… What’s In Your Office?