December 19, 2014

To Every WEC Volunteer & Giver This Christmas:

Think about this…


The story that there is hope and forgiveness and peace and love and acceptance and joy!


The story that life doesn’t have to be this way.
The story that light came to the darkness.
The story that love came for us.


The story that changed your life.
The story that has changed thousands of lives at WEC.
The story that will change someone’s life this weekend!


We will all do some important things in our lifetime.
We will all share some incredible moments.
But nothing is more important and no moment more incredible than getting to tell the story!

NOW…through volunteering and giving you get to tell the story all weekend long to thousands of people! This is our moment to tell HIS story.

December 18, 2014

A Sneak Peek At My Christmas Message

In just a couple more days, I have the honor and privilege of sharing the greatest story ever told. To be honest, it’s unbelievable that I get to re-tell it. I am


As you consider who you should invite to come with you, or maybe if you’re even going to come yourself, I thought I might share with you the big idea of my Christmas message this year:

“One moment in the presence of the Savior can change everything!”

I hope you’ll join me in His presence this Saturday & Sunday for one of our 16 services at one of our 4 campuses…I believe it can change everything!

December 17, 2014

Video Update… Redneck Christmas Behind the Scenes #2

December 16, 2014

What Happened To Christmas Eve Services?

Christmas comes early this year at Waters Edge Church. We are officially 4 days away from the first of sixteen Christmas services at WEC! This Saturday and Sunday will be incredible experiences and it’s hard to believe that it’s finally here.

Maybe you’re wondering…why aren’t we celebrating Christmas on Christmas Eve? Why are we celebrating so early? Well, the answer is simple:

We couldn’t logistically make Christmas Eve services a reality.

Here’s why…

a. Christmas Eve is on a Wednesday this year…
b. BUT because of the size of our auditoriums and the number of people who attend, we would have to offer “Christmas Eve” services on both TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY.
c. This meant that we would only have MONDAY to change stage sets on 4 campuses, prepare buildings from Sunday’s experiences, and do production rehearsals.
d. 1 day simply isn’t enough…as our teams are rehearsing and preparing ALL week long.
e. SO we felt the next best alternative to offer the experience to as many people as possible was Saturday & Sunday!
f. And yes…we looked at renting a larger facility on Christmas Eve to celebrate all together, but this year it’s just not financially possible!

Back to the point: this Saturday and Sunday are going to be off-the-charts incredible! I hope you’ll show up with loads of energy, expectation, and guests! I can promise you, in the moment, it won’t matter what day of the week it is…this celebration will change your life!

December 15, 2014

Sunday’s Quotables

Happy Monday from Katie, Stu’s Assistant. Yesterday, Stu continued our Redneck Christmas series with Part 3, All In. Here are a few of my favorite quotes:

1. If you’ve never been to one of our holiday services, I’m just trying to figure out how to prepare you for it – it’s like your favorite rock concert, meets Broadway musical, meets comical sitcom, and Jesus is in the center of it all!
2. If you’ve ever spent any time at all with someone who is an actual, bonafide, self-proclaimed, authentic redneck then you know one of the things about them is that rednecks go ALL IN.
3. All In With Your Life.
4. God gets glory and we get peace.
5. Peace is not the absence of hurt or pain or difficulty or trials or turmoil or confusion. Peace is the presence of God.
6. All you gotta do to know if I’m all in, is look at how you spend your time, how you give your money, and how you love and treat others.
7. When Jesus shows up in an area of your life and takes complete control, He brings peace.
8. All In With His Mission.
9. How can you know the best story ever told and not want to share it with somebody else?
10. Jesus Went All In For You.

Who will you invite? Download your tickets today.

December 11, 2014

Top 10 Things You Bought In 2014 (and you didn’t even know it)

When you give to Waters Edge, your giving pays for things that sometimes you never see…but that truly makes a difference. Here’s a list of 10 things you bought in 2014 by giving to Waters Edge Church. In 2014, you bought:

10. Food baskets to feed new mothers and their young children in El Salvador through our partnership with Compassion International.
9. Over 12,000 doughnuts to show love and appreciation to public school teachers.
8. Round trip bus fare on top-of-the-line charter buses for 261 middle school and high school students to go to camp.
7. Four sessions of professional Christian counseling that saved a couple’s marriage.
6. Salary and benefits for an amazing team of staff who creatively lead our church with excellence and passion.
5. The graphic design work and printing for thousands of door hangers announcing the launch of Waters Edge Williamsburg.
4. New school clothes for kids on the Peninsula whose parents couldn’t afford them through our partnership with the YMCA.
3. Goldfish for our preschoolers, mints for our adults, waters for our bands, and doughnuts and cookies for all, every Sunday, on every campus.
2. Projector bulbs, light bulbs, and paper supplies galore!
1. 375 t-shirts for people going public with their faith through baptism. (My daughter was one of them this year and I am thankful!)

December 10, 2014

Video Update… Redneck Christmas Behind the Scenes

December 8, 2014


If you want to supercharge your prayer life, try fasting. Fasting is prayer’s best friend forever! Fasting is simply the act of giving up something for a spiritual purpose. Throughout the Bible fasting involved food, but it could by applied to media or talking or interaction with others or any number of other ideas as long as the intention is to become more absorbed in spiritual activity.

Jesus sets the expectation that you will fast and gives specific instructions in Matthew 6:16-17. Fasting is a means to tune your heart to God. It increases the intensity and passion of your prayer life. It is an opportunity to remove distractions and focus fully on God and His plan for you. Here are a few thoughts that might help you fast today:

• Determine a set period of time. You might fast from sunup to sundown. You might fast for 24 hours. You might fast for one meal only. Be sure to do your research and even consult your physician if you decide to participate in a multi-day fast.
• Decide the type of fast. You might fast from all food and drink only water for a set period of time. You might do a partial fast where you eat smaller portions of food or eat only a few simple foods. A Daniel fast, for example, is based on Daniel 1:12 where Daniel ate only vegetables and drank only water.
• Partner your fast with prayer. Use the time you would typically spend preparing and eating a meal to pray. Allow the hunger pains through the day to remind you to pray.
• Avoid the temptation to eat. You will likely have a headache. You might be a little more on edge. You will want to devour a Big Mac, but don’t give in! Avoid the kitchen. Don’t grocery shop. Adjust your schedule. Be strategic to make the most of your fast.

Ultimately, fasting is a reminder that our sustenance and nourishment is not from earthly food, but comes from a heavenly source. Fasting is feeding your spirit by neglecting your flesh. Fasting allows you a distinct and unique way of relying on God as your source for all things. So join us today as part of the 28 Day Challenge, and let’s pray and fast for all that God wants to do in us and through us during this Christmas season!

December 8, 2014

Sunday’s Quotables

Happy Monday from Katie, Stu’s Assistant. I hope you joined us for Part 2 of our Redneck Christmas series! Here are a few of my favorite quotes:

1. He said that rednecks are just people who possess an inordinate amount of common sense.
2. The Christmas story defies common sense.
3. And if you want to be used as a part of God’s purposes, then you have to learn to trust in God’s plan.
4. Don’t be afraid because God’s plans may not always make sense but they will always be good.
5. So go ahead and dream a little bigger, pray a little more, ask God for something greater, because nothing’s impossible with Him.
6. Sometimes you gotta decide, is it more important for me to understand or to trust?
7. “Whatever you say, God.”
8. Sometimes difficulty is an invitation for intimacy with God.
9. Favor Ain’t Always Easy…But The Blessing Is Always Greater Than The Burden.
10. Jesus is the blessing.

December 4, 2014

Top 10 Phrases Great Leaders Use

Through the years, I have been led by great and sometimes not-so-great leaders. So often, the difference that separates the two are displayed through the words they use. Great leaders have great words that back up their leadership. Here are 10 phrases that great leaders use:

10. What do you think?
9. Let me help you with that.
8. Here’s some coaching from my experience.
7. Do you have any questions?
6. Great job!
5. What do you need to succeed?
4. I’ve got your back.
3. The vision for this is…
2. How can I help you?
1. I believe in you!

Which of these 10 are most inspiring to you as a follower? Which of these 10 are hardest for you to use as a leader? What other phrases do you think are important for leaders to use?