July 21, 2014

Sunday’s Quotables

Happy Monday from Stu’s Assistant, Katie. I hope you joined us for part 2 of our Summer Concert Series. If you missed it, you can check it out here. These are a few of my favorite quotes:

1. Worship, at the most basic and foundational level, is simply responding to what we see.
2. Even if you’re not looking for Jesus, Jesus is still looking for you.
3. One moment in the presence of Jesus can change everything!
4. Nothing is ever wasted in God’s economy.
5. God has a way of taking our worst and still using them for our best.
6. Your problems become Jesus’ opportunity.
7. Do you know how much spit it takes to make mud?
8. Obedience is key if you want to see Jesus for who He is.
9. When I see what God has done for me, I have to respond in worship.
10. Worship happens when we obey what God says and remember what God did.

July 16, 2014

Video Update… Baptism at the Beach!

July 14, 2014

Sunday’s Quotables

Happy Monday from Katie, Stu’s Assistant. I hope you joined us yesterday as we kicked off our Summer Concert Series! The music was great and so was the preaching! Here are a few of my favorite quotes:

1. I, for one, am incredibly thankful for our bands, I’m incredibly thankful for the music we use and I love the fact that it leads to life change.
2. We gather…every single week for a concert where we are, in fact, not the audience, instead we are the band and we play for the audience of one – His name is Jesus Christ and He is the one that we gather for.
3. This is why you have a little empathy for old Eutychus, I on the other hand as a preacher read this story and think to myself, “he got what he deserved!”
4. I want to give you today two questions that I think can help Eutychus-proof your experience.
5. How Did You Come?
6. When you arrive expecting God to work, you never leave disappointed.
7. What Did You Bring?
8. I need some time in my life where God gets bigger so everything else in my life will get smaller.
9. Bring your praise, bring your service…bring your offering.
10. You can experience the presence of God no matter what you brought, no matter how you came, you can meet Him here.

July 9, 2014

Arm Wrestling and Q&A

July 7, 2014

Sunday’s Quotables

Happy Monday from Katie, Stu’s Assistant! I hope that you joined us yesterday for our first-ever live Q&A. It was an awesome way to conclude our AHA! series. You can catch the whole service here, but these are a few of my favorite quotes:

1. Show me your friends and I’ll show you your future.
2. Be the person God wants you to be and then God will bring to you the person He wants you to be with.
3. When you place your faith and trust in Jesus Christ, that is a permanent, once-and-for-all thing.
4. You didn’t earn it, so you can’t lose it!
5. Contentment comes from two places… from knowing who you are and being okay with that… and then you start to practice it and live it out.
6. Fix your eyes on Jesus and when you see Jesus for who He is and you go hard after Him, all this junk in the world loses its appeal real fast.
7. Heaven is better than the best moments here on earth.
8. God speaks to us when we pray, and He always speaks to us in accordance to His Word.
9. I love the fact that our faith and our God in many ways is a glorious mystery.
10. It’s not information that will change the world, but it’s the love of Jesus.

June 30, 2014

Sunday’s Quotables

Happy Monday from Katie, Stu’s Assistant! I hope that you joined us yesterday for an awesome talk called “How To Survive The End Of The World”. I had trouble narrowing down my favorite quotes, but here are a few of them:

1. The world is coming to an end and you’ll experience it in one of two ways
#1 Death
#2 Jesus Returns

2. The world as we know it will end, but there’s a better world waiting for us.
3. This old world is not our home, we’re just passing through on our way to the other side and so you don’t have to fear death.
4. Our faith is built on Jesus and the fact that he actually defeated death on our behalf.
5. The darkest days of death are overwhelmed in the victory of the resurrection!
6. If you want to know how to survive the end of the world as you know it, then you’ve just got to know Jesus and live for Him before you die. That’s it.
7. Everything that we prioritize and pour into, all of our time and effort and energy that we spent on this world, it’s all temporary.
8. This is not my home, it’s temporary and so are all of the struggles and difficulties and hard aches and disappointments that accompany this life.
9. This world is not all there is.
10. If death is inevitable and Jesus is coming back, we need to be ready and so do the people we know and love.

June 26, 2014

Video Update…VAD!

June 25, 2014

World Cup VS. Jesus Christ

Last Sunday afternoon, USA competed in the World Cup and I bet you watched it.  Even if you’re not into soccer, I bet you cheered when USA scored. I bet you even expressed some emotion when the game ended in a tie. Now here’s a question for you: did you show more passion watching the World Cup than attending Church last Sunday?

What was that? I didn’t hear you. You said, it’s different? You said, you got caught up in the moment? You said, everybody else was cheering? I know. I get it. I watched a half dozen middle school boys wave American flags and run out of the house and into the street to cheer when USA scored. I found it quite amusing and actually quite inspiring. I’m glad they cheered for USA with such passion. I just had to wonder if any of them displayed even a little bit of that passion only a few hours earlier when they were at church cheering for Jesus Christ.

Does the passion you display reflect the value and importance you place on something? I don’t know…maybe not. But if it does, I’m afraid to say that last Sunday afternoon, the World Cup beat Jesus Christ for most people’s passion.

June 23, 2014

Sunday’s Quotables

Happy Monday from Katie, Stu’s Assistant. I hope you made it to church yesterday for part 3 our awesome current series called “AHA!” Here are a few of my favorite quotes:

1. As the hecticness and demands in your life slow down a little bit, get into the groove and the habit of prioritizing your relationship with God.
2. The common thread throughout history consistently leads us to a savior.
3. There’s a rope running in your life, there’s a thread running through your history as well, and its going to lead you to the savior, His name is Jesus.
4. While the punishment of sin was God’s justice, God is rich in love and mercy and He paid a ransom for the sin on Adam and Eve.
5. God did for them what they could not do for themselves.
6. Jesus was saying, I am the lamb and I think they started to understand AHA! The rope had finally reached the ring!
7. There’s a new meaning to the Passover. The Passover is being completed because mankind has sinned, and somebody has got to pay for your sins.
8. You’re not good enough to cover up and clean up. The mess is too big and somebody has to pay and Jesus was saying I now am that payment.
9. The ring does not save me until I reach out for salvation.
10. Salvation, reaching out for the ring, it happens, in a moment and it is once and for all…let me say it like this. It is permanent.

June 20, 2014

Three Summer Experiences That Have Me PUMPED UP!

This will be the BEST summer EVER!  I’m convinced of it.  Here are three summer experiences that have me so excited I can hardly wait:

  1. Volunteer Appreciation Day!  Every year we take an entire day to celebrate the amazing volunteers who are on-mission with us at Waters Edge.  This year, we’re mixing it up and going to the ball field.  I love baseball, I love ballpark food, I love our amazing volunteers, and I love the free gift that we’re going to give to all of them.  Don’t miss VAD, Saturday, July 12th
  2. Baptism At The Beach!  One of the things I love about the 757 is that everywhere you go, there’s water (thus the name, Waters Edge)!  So we decided let’s make use of that water and take our baptisms to the beach!  I can’t wait to baptize dozens of people at area beaches on Sunday, July 20th.   If you haven’t been baptized, this experience is for you!  It will be memorable and life-changing!  If you have been baptized, come on out and cheer on those getting baptized.
  3. Our August Sermon Series!  I can’t give away too much, but the month of August will be full of the most fun and creative Sundays you’ve ever experienced at Waters Edge!  I cannot wait for our August series, based on a very popular, well-known, and highly anticipated “week of the year.”